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Fortnite Rocket Launcher (Epic/Purple)

By | July 4th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite Weapons, Rocket Launcher

One of the most rightfully feared weapons in the game, the Epic/Purple Fortnite Rocket Launcher has justly made a name for itself. When used by a talented rocketeer, a Rocket Launcher of any kind, purple, in particular, makes the game much easier to win even with the recent nerf of ammo carrying capacities for it. The slow-firing explosive rockets are best used against amateur builders who either build too high and are killed from fall damage after their base is taken out by rockets, or who panic and can’t counter-build to survive.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Purple (Epic)
  • Thrill factor: Very high. This weapon does wonders to level out the playing field. If a relatively inexperienced player with a rocket launcher stumbles upon an experienced player in the open, it’s a toss-up on who might win. It takes off so much health and shield with a single shot that the fight can be over in a moment. Of course, the counter side, part of what makes them exciting to use, is that this weapon can accidentally kill its user time and time again with poorly timed shots.
  • Popularity: Some players insist on keeping one if they find one while others wouldn’t keep it if they had an open slot. Though it’s a boon to someone with good timing, it’s equally as frustrating to a player who, skilled or not, mistimes the shot and accidentally kills themselves right at the end of a game.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: The odds of finding a bazooka are tiny. Some games will go by with only a few being found on the entire map, with the final few not having one at all.
  • Interesting Note: Many people like to shoot the first shot with a rocket launcher to take off most of the health off an enemy, then swoop in with a shotgun to finish the job.


The possession of an Epic/Purple Fortnite Rocket Launcher is a near sure-win for some and a death sentence to others, all depending on how well a person can build and avoid killing themselves.

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