Fortnite Scar (Legendary/Gold)

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The Legendary Scar. The Gold Scar. The Golden Scar. All are direct translations of “the best gun in the game.” However you say it, this weapon is ranked among the most desired weapons to be found. It is, in many ways, perfection. It has virtually no recoil, is spot-on accurate and deals lots of damage in its 30 round clip. Even past the literal aspect of it, possessing one is an automatic confidence booster. Although it doesn’t make a bad player good, it will cause many enemies to hesitate before charging if they see or hear that you have a Fortnite Scar.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Gold (Legendary)
  • Thrill factor: Although not as exciting as guns that use a one-shot, one-kill quality, it provides a thrilling experience when battling with one. Compared to the other assault rifles, it is like a SWAT Team compared to a group of kids armed with water guns.
  • Popularity: I have never heard of someone not wanting this gun. Although I’m sure someone out there doesn’t like it and wants to use a Famas because they prefer bursts or something, a Legendary Scar will never be left behind.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Finding one-off drop is highly unlikely. Often, even major locations such as Pleasant Park don’t even have a single one. To find one, play your cards right and steal it from someone late in the game.
  • Interesting Note: Based on a real weapon, it’s something of a complete arsenal on its own. Although not recommended, some people use it for medium range (where it excels), long range (where it also excels), and short range (not a good idea, but it works).


The Legendary/Gold Fortnite Scar is the gun that every player hopes to find in the exceptionally rare scenario where you come across one early in the game, celebrate. None can stand before you. When players are killed with this gun, they regularly complain that it “not fair. He had a Scar!” It is recommended for literally everyone who plays Fortnite.

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