Fortnite Semi Auto Sniper (Epic/Purple)

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The Epic/Purple Fortnite Semi Auto Sniper Rifle is a weapon that belongs as something of a middle ground between Bolt Action Snipers and Assault Rifles. It has an admittedly poor reputation in the general gaming community because people don’t use it for it’s intended purpose: being able to land multiple shots in succession, not to get a one-shot kill. A headshot will not kill a player will full health and full shield, but it will scare the blazes out of them and let you get close with other weapons while they try to heal.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Purple (Epic)
  • Thrill factor: Unfortunately, the thrilling part about this gun is wondering if you’re about to get counter-sniped while using it. Since the point is to shoot multiple rounds at once (up to ten in a clip), you peek longer than other sniper rifles and you stand a fair chance of getting mauled by someone you aren’t watching.
  • Popularity: Many players hate this weapon and yet many people carry one, preferring to carry a Semi-Auto instead of nothing. It can be quite frustrating to land a perfect headshot and not kill someone.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: The odds of finding this gun are decent. As an epic, it’s hard to find, but certainly not impossible. Stealing one from another player is the easiest way to find one.
  • Interesting Note: Many people who use this use it either in Squads or Duos as a method of distracting the enemy. A teammate can sneak up while a player with a Semi-Auto plugs away. The high rate of fire makes it sound like multiple gunmen.


The Epic/Purple Fortnite Semi Auto Sniper Rifle works well for certain purposes, but don’t expect it to be able to get you thrilling replays. It’s good for suppressive fire, scouting an area, and to a degree, actual firefights. It’s most recommended for people who struggle to approximate bullet drop before pulling the trigger.

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