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Fortnite SMG Compact Gun/P90 (Legendary/Gold)

By | August 15th, 2018 | Categories: Fortnite Weapons, SMG

The Legendary/Gold Fortnite SMG Compact Gun (P90) is, according to the community, one of the guns that someone least wants to run against. The Golden Scar can be outplayed through strategy. A Rocket Launcher can be built against. Most guns have their weaknesses. But the P90? Neither clever tactics or speed building can stop one. It’s lighting fast and deals extraordinary damage in moments. I’ve personally killed dozens of builders far better than me by getting near them with one of these and wiping them out before they could blink. Its 50-bullet clip almost seems like an insult on top of injury.

The Lowdown

  • Color: Gold (Legendary)
  • Thrill factor: Very high. Most battles with one end up being a frenzied chase, where one person is attempting to build to escape and the other is in pursuit.
  • Popularity: Through the roof. At least at this point, the only reason I’ve seen people leave one behind is that they already have one and don’t need a duplicate.
  • Odds of finding the weapon: Very low. It’s improbable to find one and I have gone entire games without coming across even one until the very last people are left. Players hang on to these with remarkable determination.
  • Interesting Note: The unusual thing about this weapon is that it is equally useful in all game modes. Grenade launchers are best for squads, Rocket Launchers excel in duos or solos, Heavy Shotguns are utilized to their maximum potential for squads, and so forth. This weapon is a saving grace in all modes, regardless of if you’re facing against a single individual of a team of 50.


In summary, the Legendary/Gold Fortnite SMG Compact Gun (P90) is one of the all-time best close-range guns. Fighting an enemy with one is a terrible experience, and most of the only way to win is by one-shooting or by getting the high ground. It’s most recommended for literally all players, as it requires little skill to use and in the hands of a talented Fortnite-er, it is a force of nature.

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