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PUBG Grenade

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NES Controller Table

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PoE Karui Ward Necklace

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Davinci 3D Printer

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As a Gaming Geek, you understand there’s more than burning the midnight oil (leveling up, farming, grinding it out, hammering the completion, and gaining achievements). We desire objects to symbolize our passion for gaming or specific games. Whether it’s obtaining one-of-a-kind memorabilia to proudly showcase at the crib, expressing creativity with gear and decor, or getting some neat gadgets, having things that replicate our go-to games is the whipped cream on the cheesecake.

On the other hand, finding real-life gaming stuff, specifically, in retail stores, isn’t always easy peasy. Sure, they have what we need for everyday living, but when’s the last time you saw a PUBG chicken dinner pot (in the kitchen department), Rocket League cars (in the toy aisle), and CSGO knives with hot skins (in sporting goods area)? Not in a long shot!

Instead, we hunt for things online that are unavailable in stores, or because dealing with long lines and floods of people can be a pain in the neck. With online shopping, uncertainty can creep in before we hit “submit” to place an order since we don’t have the tangible item(s) in front of us to touch and feel. Also, our eyes want to see four or five stars along with convincing feedback from others. Social proof is powerful! Positive reviews could influence us to proceed to check out or close the window.

Still, with online products, there’s a catch: the pictures on the screen might appear eye-catching, but once we open the package to see what’s inside, a different story can unfold (i.e., we can dislike what we see). The nail in the coffin is when the product(s) is defective. Then, we have to deal with the dreaded return process that requires spending cheddar on shipping and handling, which blows.

Whether you want to get a hold of some real gamer products on Amazon, Etsy, or other popular sites, you can get the 411 here. You’ll get more than a mediocre comment containing a few words that aren’t persuasive. We provide the nuts in bolts (e.g., what makes the product a shining star, other similar products the sellers have in stock, and so on). You’ll be surprised what physical products are floating in the cloud. Take a peek, Gaming Geek.

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