The Best Genshin Impact Characters You Can Wish For

Best Genshin Impact Character Tiers and Abilities
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As of now, there are only 24 characters in Genshin Impact. You can expect more to come as updates come until there are hundreds of characters to choose from. Of course, with all these characters, it’s hard to figure out who to focus resources on. There are many Genshin Impact character tiers lists made already, but here are our thoughts on the matter.

Here are some of our recommendations, as well as viable substitutes. We can’t predict when RNG confers its blessings, at any rate. You might also wanna check our guide to Primogem farming for wishing.

Genshin Impact character tiers and abilities – Exploration and general support: Venti

You can’t go wrong with Venti. He’s a solid support character for both exploration and battles. His Elemental Skill launches enemies into the air (and him, if you charge it). It disables those enemies as they slowly drift back down, giving you a bit of a breather to set up your next moves. Outside of battle, it can give you a boost up to reach those hard to reach geo/amenoculi.

His Elemental Burst creates a vacuum of swirling winds that sucks in enemies and damages them. Any prior elemental statuses get mixed up in the vacuum, dealing even more damage. You can see that it’s very useful in the Spiral Abyss and various domains, as he can easily gather up the enemies for your DPS characters. With the right builds, he can deal decent damage or keep up using his burst as soon as it ends.

Since you can only get him through his limited banner, the best substitutes as an Anemo element support character would be the Traveler or Jean. For exploration, the Geo Traveler is your best bet, though in different ways.

Best Genshin Impact characters – DPS: Diluc

NPCs may debate all they want, but players know the strongest in Mondstadt is Diluc. With his incredibly high attack stat and a kit that makes use of that, nobody quite comes close to his damage output. His Elemental Skill lets him slash up to three times, dealing Pyro damage. His Burst sends out a flaming phoenix and cloaks his sword in blazing fire for a short time. He’s a solid DPS through and through. Get him through the standard or event banners.

While you’re out of luck, you can use Keqing, Razor, or Chongyun as your main DPS. As for the Pyro element, Bennett is a good support character you can build to become a DPS. Otherwise, Xiangling is also a good Pyro character to use.

Genshin Impact character tiers and abilities – Healer: Qiqi

She may be small, but don’t let her looks fool you. This tiny zombie girl can dish out massive damage while healing her team at the same time. Her skill sends out a Cryo element spirit that deals damage and heals the active character. Her burst marks enemies in range with a talisman that deals damage to enemies. As an added effect, it heals the active character as they damage marked enemies.

What makes her unique from Barbara, the more accessible healer character, is that her healing scales with her attack. Barabara’s healing stems from her HP, which makes her a good ‘tank’ character, but not very useful as a DPS.

For healing, we still recommend Barbara if you haven’t pulled Qiqi or Jean.

Character tiers and abilities – Battle Support: Fischl

Fischl excels in battle support. Her skill summons a raven, Oz, who deals Electro damage. He stays for the duration of the skill, even as you switch Fischl out for another character. That’s perfect for setting up elemental reactions for even more damage. Her Burst transforms her into Oz, who damages enemies and has increased mobility. It also resets Oz’s time in the field. With a proper build, you can potentially have Oz active for the whole length of the battle.

No other character can quite match her in this aspect, but other viable support heroes are Mona, Xiangling, or Bennett.

Conclusion – Player experience may vary

And that’s that for this version of Genshin Impact character tiers. Of course, you’re going to have your own preferences. Any of these characters might not fit how you want to play, or you’re just too unlucky in your wishes to get any of them. Rest assured, you can still have a good team, even if you don’t have any of the highly recommended characters. You just need the proper builds and equipment for them.

This list may change later on, as more characters get added to the available roster. Who knows, someone else may be able to supplant Diluc as the best DPS character in the future. For now, these are the characters you should wish for.

May you get who you wish for on your next pulls!

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