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Ganyu Genshin Impact Backstory, Vision and More

Ganyu Genshin Impact Bio
By | May 12th, 2021 | Categories: Genshin Impact

Name: Ganyu

Vision: Cryo

Birthday: 2 December

Constellation: Sinae Unicornis

Titles: Plenilune Gaze, Little Miss Ganyu (by Uncle Tian)

In Genshin Impact, Ganyu may have similar skills to Amber, but make no mistake, she doesn’t suffer the same problems as her. Shortly after her release, players have noticed and taken advantage of her ability to deal damage, even outranking Diluc in DPS.

Her Elemental Skill leaves a frost flower, dealing Cryo damage to enemies surrounding it. It also keeps enemies’ aggro, leaving Ganyu free to take aim. If the flower shatters or its duration ends, it deals another wave of Cryo damage. How many hits it can take before shattering depends on Ganyu’s HP.

Her Elemental Burst gathers the frost and snow in the atmosphere into a Cryo Pearl. She then releases it into the sky where it’ll rain icicles for a set duration. The rain isn’t as random as it seems, as every few seconds, an icicle will target an enemy within its area of effect. In contrast to Amber’s Fiery Rain, Ganyu’s Celestial Shower lasts quite a long time.

Something that sets her apart from other bow users is her charged attack. While most archer characters only have one level of charge, Ganyu has two. The first level fires a normal Cryo-charged arrow. The second level fires a ‘Frostflake Arrow’ which blooms upon hit, dealing an additional AoE hit.

All of her talents scale well and with the Blizzard Strayer set, Ganyu can be a real powerhouse. She even has Crit Damage as her Ascension skill, which boosts her DPS abilities even further.

Ganyu Genshin Impact Character Story

Ganyu, as one of the long-lived Liyue adepti, has been the secretary for the Liyue Qixing for centuries. As such, her workload is something no mortal can bear. At the beginning of her story quest, Ningguang’s three aides took on Ganyu’s workload while the latter took a break from work.

It only took days (the wording is a little vague, but it probably didn’t last a week) for the three aides to ask the Traveler to look for Ganyu. They wanted her to return, so they can be free of the intense workload. During the quest, the Traveler learns of her struggle to find where she belongs.

She is only half-adepti, after all. She’s stuck in the middle, not fitting in either side. With Rex Lapis leaving Liyue’s fate to the humans, she felt that the adepti had no place in the city. However, she still didn’t quite feel at ease with the adepti.

In the end, she decided to go back to the Qixing, much to the relief of the three secretaries.

Ganyu isn’t a secretary of one specific Qixing member. Rather, she’s the secretary of the whole organization. It’s no wonder that even three mortals are no match for her workload. That load has accumulated over a thousand years of duties, after all. All she has to say about her perseverance in her work is a gentle deflection that Rex Lapis has done even more for Liyue.

While all-around reliable and meticulous, certain situations fluster her enough to make a mistake. One such incident is a Rite of Descension, wherein she was late. Because the reason was embarrassing (she couldn’t choose an outfit), she could only stammer out an unconvincing excuse. Her friends worried for her and asked whether she needed a break. The rest who aren’t as close to her brushed the incident off.

There was also that time where, after having lunch with a former Tianxuan, Ganyu fell asleep in a roadside haystack. She woke later to some workers unloading the hay in Dihua Marsh. The Tianxuan almost filed a missing person report, as she had gone missing for three hours. They also knew that Ganyu would never leave without telling someone.

This incident earned her a scolding and an admonishment to only ‘take a nap where it’s safe’. Ganyu can only reply, “Isn’t the whole of Liyue safe?” It was evidence of her accurate internal clock as well. She falls asleep once the lunch hour arrives without fail, and not even the clamor of dancing hilichurls can wake her.

Most folks in Liyue don’t know about her heritage. When asked about her horns, she says it’s an ornamental heirloom as an explanation. She’s afraid that if they know the truth, they would start to shun her. A more important reason for hiding this particular truth is to prevent people from touching her horns. As Cloud Retainer states in her story quest, she used to love having them caressed.

Another secret she keeps is her diet. She once choked a giant monster that tried to eat her, a fact she is embarrassed by. Cloud Retainer, much like a parent inadvertently embarrassing their child, recounts this story to the Traveler as well. Since then, Ganyu has kept a firm watch on what she eats, not wanting a repeat of that incident. It’s easier said than done in Liyue, a land of gastronomical delights.

She also wrote a detailed description of the flora in Yujing Terrace. Near the end, though, you’ll see inkblots and scratched-out text. It was supposed to be a guide on growing vegetables, which she realized was counterproductive to her diet. If she can grow vegetables, it’ll become harder to resist eating, she reasoned.

Ganyu Genshin Impact Vision

While the Qilin, which is the race of Ganyu’s adepti half, tends towards peace, they did not hesitate to help Morax subdue an ancient sea monster. Ganyu herself helped the God of Contracts in the Archon War.

As he established Liyue, she also stayed to help the humans and fledgling Qixing as their secretary. She was in the unique position to become the bridge between humans and adepti, after all. This decision resulted in her Vision appearing. It was proof of her new duty, and alongside her, witness to the history of Liyue.

Maybe the rules for adepti are different from humans when receiving a Vision. However, Ganyu is only half-adepti, which might mean she follows human convention instead. In that sense, her circumstances don’t really match up with the other humans’ circumstances. Though, it does match Chongyun’s circumstances to an extent. Both affirmed a resolve to do something, leading to a Cryo Vision.

Final Word

Still, we can only confirm once we know more about the Tsaritsa and what ideal they once represented. Anyway, hope this improves your appreciation of the character! Keep on enjoying Ganyu in Genshin Impact, and be sure to check out some of our other character bios:

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