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Eula Backstory & Vision

By | August 15th, 2021 | Categories: Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact Characters List

Name: Eula Lawrence

Vision: Cryo

Birthday: 25 October

Constellation: Aphros Delos

Titles: Dance of the Shimmering Wave, Spindrift Knight, Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company

Eula rocketed into first place on the DPS rankings as soon as she got released. (Sorry Diluc!) A physical build really gets her DPS going. Stacking up Grimheart with her E skill, Icetide Vortex, lets her boost her DEF and resistance to interruption.

Though you can only stack up to two Grimhearts, using them up by holding the button lowers the Cryo RES and DEF of enemies in front of her. Of course, whether by holding or pressing E, the attack deals Cryo DMG. Grimheart stacks consumed by holding E also turn into an Icewhirl Brand that deals Cryo DMG to enemies in range.

As for her Burst, Glacial Illumination, it makes a Lightfall Sword appear behind Eula. For up to 7 seconds, the Lightfall Sword will charge up for every hit she does. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from a normal attack, an E skill, or a charged attack.

Once the duration expires, the sword explodes, dealing massive physical damage proportional to the number of charges Eula built up. For those 7 seconds, she also has increased interruption resistance. The sword explodes prematurely if Eula leaves the field by switching to another character.

If you can charge up her Lightfall Sword and have all kinds of Physical DMG bonuses, the sword can deal damage in the millions. For this kind of build, the Pale Flame artifact set is a perfect fit. The Bloodstained Chivalry set will also do if you already have those on hand while farming for a Noblesse set.

Eula’s Story

Three prominent families once held importance in Mondstadt. Well, two of them are still important. One is the Ragnvindr family who owns the Dawn Winery. The other is the Gunnhildr clan, the ones leading the Knights of Favonius.

The third is the Lawrence family, fallen nobles who once ruled Mondstadt. After the events that removed the aristocracy’s power, the Lawrences took it as a slight to their family name. Since then, they’ve been obsessed with reclaiming their past glory and ruling Mond once more.

Of course, that doesn’t sit well with the rest of the citizens. That left the family as stuck-up, snobby people who can’t let go of the past. Everybody hates them for what they’ve done, and the family never adapted to the changes Mond experienced over time. Except for one, that is.

Eula is the black sheep of the Lawrence family. Though the rest of her kin despise the Knights (though in a different way than Diluc does), she went and joined the organization. It’s her way of reclaiming the prestige of their family name, even if the rest don’t really understand.

Though she speaks of claiming vengeance for the smallest of slights, it’s how she communicates to others. Past the icy demeanor and claims of vengeance, she’s actually a reliable knight and a kind person.

Jean wouldn’t trust an unreliable person after all. Just the fact that Eula made it to captain rank in just a few years speaks of her ability and reliability. She did all that despite the hate and hostility directed at her.

Ever so slowly, the citizens of Mond start to see past her bluster about vengeance and her family name. Sure, being friends with Amber helped, but it’s mostly her talent and achievements that reveal the most. Though she’s still misunderstood by the majority of people (and that includes her own family), it doesn’t deter her from her chosen path.

One thing you wouldn’t expect from her is to be a good cook. Because of their fallen status, Eula’s education spanned all matters of housework. The reason was that “they can’t trust servants to reach the quality of service a Lawrence needs” or something like that. At any rate, this translated to Eula’s skill in the kitchen.

Consequently, her company has the best rations out of all branches of the Knights. Sure, the company cook substituted some ingredients for a less perishable one, but the result was still tasty. The knights under her command all wonder how tasty the original could be if the ‘lesser’ version was already so good. Unfortunately, only those who she grudgingly(?) accepts will have the honor to taste one of her dishes.

The reason why her swordsmanship has a rhythm and looks more graceful is her love of dancing. While the art has passed through the generations, its purpose has degraded from a grand ritual to an artistic pastime. It was the only break Eula had from the endless tutors and education that made up her childhood. That said, she never practices it anymore, but it shows through her movements when fighting.

How Did Eula Get Her Vision

Eula had never understood why the Lawrences had to reclaim their name. She had never experienced the ‘humiliation’ her kin always harped on and on about. She was more concerned about escaping the torment and pressure to do so and gaining the approval of others.

But first, she has to learn how to relate to others, and that’s where she’s stumped. Fortunately, she came under the tutelage of an old Outrider (Amber’s grandfather who also taught the latter). Under his teachings, she found her ‘self’, her grievances and vengeance, and her path to revenge. At that moment, her Vision appeared before her.

With the past theory that the Cryo Archon’s ideal is Love, what Eula probably found was love for oneself. After all, the Lawrence family was hated, and with her kin’s drive to reclaiming what they had lost, there’s not much attention to be given to children. She didn’t lose anything, similar to Chongyun or Ganyu, but maybe there’s just something else we’re missing. We can only speculate until more details appear through the game.

Eula is an interesting character indeed, filled with contradictions. It’s interesting untangling all of these contradictions and finding the real her underneath it all. There’s a bit of it showing in her first Story Quest, so play that when you can!

It’s almost time for Genshin Impact’s 2.0 update. Well, there’s still over a week of waiting to go through first, but still, the announcements are doing their job to hype players up. There are new characters, a whole new continent, and the long-awaited continuation of the storyline coming!

Have fun and enjoy Genshin Impact!

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