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Mona Backstory & Vision

Mona Genshin Impact Bio
By | July 26th, 2021 | Categories: Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact Characters List

Name: Mona Megistus

Vision: Hydro

Birthday: 31 August

Constellation: Astrolabos

Titles: Astral Reflection, Enigmatic Astrologer

Mona is one of the most popular characters that players want. For one thing, she’s one of the two characters who can sprint across bodies of water. She’s also one of the best support characters in the game. Her E skill, Mirror Reflection of Doom, makes a phantom appear. It damages enemies and makes them Wet. It taunts them as well, attracting them and keeping their attention.

Her Burst, Stellaris Phantasm, is a great crowd control skill. It traps enemies caught in it in bubbles, which increases the damage of the attack that pops it. Sure, her skills tend toward support, but she can dish out damage with the right build. Her 2nd constellation upgrade helps very well with that. Then again, it takes some luck to be able to get that.

Anyway, Mona is a great addition to any team, great for traveling or in battles, which is why players out there are looking for offers to buy a Genshin Impact Mona account. In that aspect, you can give her any kind of artifact set that suits your needs. You can give her Energy Recharge and the Prototype Amber to make her somewhat a healer. Otherwise, you could give her the Heart of Depth set and make her a DPS. Whatever your needs are, she can do it, just don’t make her a tank.

Mona Genshin Impact Story

Mona is an astrologist who uses hydromancy in her readings. While not many people understand or appreciate her methods, everybody agrees that she’s a great astrologist. She’s a bit too blunt in giving her predictions, though. This gives the people the impression that she’s an unfeeling robot, though that’s not the entire truth at all.

As she’s not trained in financial matters, she’s always toeing the line of poverty. If she only manages her money well, she can live comfortably with what she earns. However, she could not resist getting the latest equipment and books about astrology. With these purchases coming from all over, that is anywhere that’s not Mond, shipping can be quite expensive. That’s where most of her earnings go, and the result is her current situation.

Mainly, her food budget is the first to take a hit. By cutting down on food expenses, she can just about cover all those expenses. That’s why she likes salads so much since they’re cheap and easy to make. It’s also her specialty.

Financial woes aside, she’s got another problem, this time with her master. After finding the object of her task (a journal Mona was asked to retrieve and not read), she accidentally read an entry. Having realized it was a log of her master’s most embarrassing moments in youth, she decided to stay in Mondstadt.

Mona gets along with Klee, her master’s rival’s apprentice (and daughter). She hangs out with Klee and her adoptive big brother, Albedo, once in a while. She can justify it as ‘hanging out with a fellow truth-seeker’ as much as she wants, though she goes for a free meal.

Since her infrequent readings don’t really cover her spending, she had to get a more reliable job. An author for Fontaine’s most popular newspaper, The Steambird, met her by pure chance. He had heard of Mona, and so sought to contact her. The correspondence impressed him so much he offered her a job to replace him since he’s been wanting to retire. He put her in contact with the paper’s editor-in-chief, and Mona’s job as a column writer began.

At first, the editor-in-chief was worried about her academic writing. However, the public liked it enough, and that’s how Mona became a writer and columnist for The Steambird. Still, it didn’t exactly solve her problem of indulgent spending, so she’s still hovering over total bankruptcy.

How Did Mona Get Her Vision

Due to her belief that even gods operate under the laws of the world, a Vision being an object of power is nothing to her. As a truth-seeker, combat skill isn’t high on her list of priorities. Still, she thinks of her own as something useful, especially for her hydromancy.

It was a teaching aid her master gave to her. She wore it as an accessory and memento of the time spent together. Despite being useless in her hands, she cherished it all the same. Yet, as it happens, it eventually awoke to her, and it became her own Vision.

It’s not an unheard-of event, as Ningguang also similarly came by her Vision. Plus, there’s Kazuha’s quest to find a bearer for his dead friend’s Vision. He’s unsure whether it will work, but he doesn’t know about Ningguang and Mona’s Visions.

At any rate, the Hydro Archon embodies Justice. As it stands, there are too few Hydro Vision holders to compare experiences with. Barbara got hers after taking care of a gravely ill child. Xingqiu got his after having an epiphany about the Guhua Clan’s martial art. It’s unclear how and when Childe got his, as the section devoted to Visions is about his Delusion instead.

Final Word

Maybe it’s justice that lets Mona receive accurate and precise readings in her astrology. Something like a reward for all her hard work. In Genshin Impact, Mora may never last in her hands, but as a result of her impulsive shopping, it may be a form of justice too. Still, as an astrologist, she never tries sugarcoating her predictions because her customers deserve the truth.

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