Where to Find Violetgrass in Genshin Impact?

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  • Where to Find Violetgrass?

    Violetgrass is the ascension material for Qiqi and Xinyan. They'll need this flower to increase their levels and skill levels. The plant can be tough to find and collect since they like high places, requiring you to climb. Xiao and another Anemo character in the party can help farm this flower.

    You can use your Seed Dispensary to collect seeds for Violetgrass and plant them in your teapot. Make sure it's the active gadget when farming the plant!

    As stated, they like high places, so you can find nodes in:

    l  Huaguang Stone Forest
    l  Lingju Pass and Dunyu Ruins
    l  Around Mingyun Village
    l  Wuwang Hill
    l  The bamboo path to Qingce Village

    The Chasm

    There are also a few scattered nodes in the area east of Mount Aocang and north of the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain.

    Once you've done Zhongli's second personal quest, the area that opens up beneath Sal Terrae has a few harvestable points.

    If you have Qiqi or Yanfei, you'll be able to pinpoint them through their passive abilities to reveal specialty locations. It doesn't discriminate in what kind of specialty, but at least you'll have an idea where. They're usually on cliffsides, so get climbing!

    Herbalist Gui in Liyue and Verr Goldet in Wangshu Inn sell 5 Violetgrass for 1,000 Mora each. They'll restock every three days.

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