The Astro A40 TR Headset You Never Knew You Needed

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Gamers — whether hardcore or casual ones — usually invest in expensive headsets because of three things: sound quality, comfort/durability, and customization. For the most part, the newly revamped Astro A40 TR Headset checks all three of these. To top it off, we have a FREE Headset + MixAmp to give away.

We’ve seen lots of gaming headset releases for quite some time now, especially with the e-sports industry booming. Seeing these e-sports players using sponsored gaming peripherals, enticing fans and gamers alike to emulate their favorite player in terms of what they use is a commonplace occurrence. There are, however, times when you try the product and discover that it’s not all that. If you’re looking for a headset that’ll fit all your gaming needs, the Astro A40 TR Headset is indeed your best option on the market. With a combination of a metal and a plastic frame, the A40s are quite durable and well-made. When flexed under a durability test, the headset made no creaking or squeaking sounds whatsoever. It’s highly adjustable and it offers a good amount of flex while managing to give a sleek and modern design that’s distinctive. Translation: It’s the perfect fit for the gaming setup but at the same time has enough versatility for you to take it with you. It doesn’t look too weird or flashy.

Sound Quality

The A40s offers Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, which is currently the best in the market. With this, you can hear everything as if you were in the game itself, giving you that audio landscape experience that every serious gamer looks for. Battle Royale and competitive first-person shooter (FPS) genre games like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battegrounds (PUBG), and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) namely will benefit the most from this as it gives you the ability to hear every gunshot and footstep, making it easier to track down enemy locations. Their free software ASTRO Command Center Software gives you the ability to customize input/output levels, ensuring quality when watching movies, making the headset a real delight not only for gaming but for listening to your favorite Spotify playlist as well.


As for comfort, to put it quite simply, it feels like you have fluffy clouds covering your ears. The Astro A40 TR manages this while providing a firm yet enjoyable fit. Both left and right sides have nice soft fabric ear cups which can rotate and tilt, giving your neckless stress when putting the headset on your shoulders while the cloth material also stops overheating and sweating. It’s not the lightest headset around though, being over 300 grams, but rest assured it will never feel heavy on your head.


In terms of customization, the A40s are definitely a cut above compared to other headsets. Partnered with the MixAmp Pro TR for a few extra bucks, this medium-sized box provides extra buttons and dials along with Dolby Pro Logic surround sound. It enables you to have lots of connections for a more advanced listening experience. An example of this is that you can mix an external audio source into your game. The highlight truly is that you can connect it to any device with the use of a 3.5mm jack port, so it’s essentially not only limited to the A40s! Although relatively pricey, the MixAmp Pro is a sure-fire way to boost your headphone audio quality.

Another thing worth mentioning with regards to customization, besides the features of the MixAmp Pro, is that the magnetic pads on the headset can actually be swapped out for other materials. This can be a welcome treat if you prefer leather or a velour-like material ear cushions, for instance. Also, along with the microphone having flexible arms, it’s swappable and fully-detachable as well. And with the open-back design of the A40s, you can easily transform it into a closed-back noise-canceling headset with a Mod Kit that can be bought separately. This kit includes sealed speaker tags, synthetic leather ear cushions, and a voice-isolating microphone, letting users customize the headset to really make it their own through the many accessories that Astro gaming has to offer.

The problem, though, is there is one minor drawback to this near-perfect headset: the microphone. While the mic is not nearly as impressive as the rest of what the A40s has to offer, it’s fairly decent. Everything is crisp and clear, although there are pops at times when tested during recording—depending on where you position the microphone. Overall, it’s good enough for most users. Talking to your friends through voice chat or discord during games is a breeze, but if you plan on using the microphone for voice-overs and streaming, you’d be better off with mics that specialize in that area.

The Verdict

The Astro A40 headset delivers top-notch audio quality. Paired with the MixAmp Pro TR, this is perhaps one of the finest headsets that Astro has ever made. Having the option to plug the MixAmp to any device is a big plus as well as the extra accessories that come in the Mod Kit. It can cater to all types of users and deliver what they want in a pair of headphones. If you’re looking for the best headphones available in the market as of today, the Astro A40s is one of the best.

The icing on the cake is this: an Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp is up for grabs!

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