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Double Whammy: Fire TV + Amazon Game Controller

Amazon Game Controller
By | April 25th, 2018 | Categories: Gifts for Gamers
4.7 out of 5 Price: $140 - Amazon : April 25, 2018

Tired of commercials with channels never showing the show or movie you want to watch? Never experience that again with Amazon’s Fire TV attachment! You can enjoy shows or movies that are up your alley 24/7. The product even comes with an indoor HD TV antenna so that you can watch local channels, making your viewing experience even better by using a 4K Ultra HD and HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible TV. Also, this nifty device comes with a controller, thanks to our giveaway.

The controller can act as a remote with the basic function of being a game controller. You can play games with your Fire TV attachment. Yes, the attachment can be a game console. The product runs on an Android operating system with apps from Amazon’s store. In fact, there are some cool games in the catalog (more on that in a later section).

Here’s the good news: we have a Fire TV + Amazon Game Controller up for grabs!

Why the Fire TV + Game Controller Combo is the Best

The combo includes an Amazon Fire TV attachment, an indoor HD antenna, an Alexa Remote, and a game controller. The first device can connect your TV to the internet to use streaming subscriptions on your TV in 4K Ultra HD (assuming that your connection is up to par). Can you imagine watching topnotch movies in Ultra HD and at 60 fps?

The Fire TV is a small device, but not quite a 3-inch square that’s a little more than half an inch thick, with an HDMI cable, and a port for power. Other than streaming shows, you can surf the internet.

The HD antenna is for those who still want the option of watching popular channels. With the Alexa remote, you can control the TV with voice commands. If you have other compatible devices around your home, the Alexa remote can control those devices as well. With just a spoken command, you can dim or brighten lights, and even adjust the thermostat of your AC!

As for the game controller, similarly to the Alexa Remote, it has voice control capabilities and can act as a remote control, but that’s where the similarity ends. The buttons and configurations follow Xbox controllers. Plus, it has a headphone jack to watch or listen to music and shows without disturbing anyone. The control is great for playing games on the Fire TV.

Available Games

As mentioned before, what’s available is in Amazon’s app store like Crossy Road and Hill Climb Racing. Other titles include Rockstar’s GTA III, Square Enix, and former Final Fantasy titles. Wait, there’s more, including Minecraft and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic! Keep in mind that as time passes, more games will become available in Amazon’s app store.

Amazon’s brand has a vast catalog of items available (gadgets, clothing, books, and much more). The site has a great selection of practical items to buy or give as presents.

Make it Happen

Join our double whammy giveaway today so that you enter for a chance to win this sweet set of devices. May the odds be in your favor!

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