Crash, Boom, and Bang with the Rocket League Hot Wheels Playset

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5.0 out of 5 Price: $179 - Amazon : March 17, 2019

Having burst into the gaming scene way back in 2015 (via Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4) with the impact of a blazing rocket, Rocket League has since cemented itself in the hearts and minds of its faithful. Its popularity continued to surge with subsequent releases on the Xbox One, MacOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Inevitably, the hoopla has since fizzled out a bit, but that doesn’t mean it is yesterday’s news. Make no mistake about it; Psyonix’s pièce de résistance continues to enjoy lofty heights of success thanks, in large part, to its uniquely captivating ways. This is evident in the numerous product merchandises bearing the Rocket League stamp of approval that have sprung up over the years. One such case in point is the Rocket League Hot Wheels Stadium playset.

Today, we’re gonna go right ahead and take a look at this awesome playset.

What’s in the box?

A whole lot of fun! Chances are you’ve already spent hours upon hours grinding it out in rocket League—whether by yourself or in intense PvP sessions. Aside from the gigantic ball and the main stadium itself, the playset comes with nifty little features that include sensor goals (to keep score) on top of the mandatory Dominus and Octane vehicles which you’ll get to control via your smart devices (not included). Don’t forget to take note of device compatibility so you can jump right into the football action without a hitch. To keep the football fever going, you also get a universal charging station to power up both vehicles. Each charging session lasts up to 15 minutes and results in pretty much the same amount of game time.

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How different is this experience from the game?                               

It’s quite different. This playset aims to capture the ultimate allure of the award-winning and critically-acclaimed soccer videogame and translate it into a physically tangible experience. While you obviously can’t execute the gravity-defying flips hardcore Rocket Leaguers routinely pull off in the videogame version, this physical playset still manages to bring hours of fun into the equation. You’ll find that this is especially true in cases where you’ve got a group of friends and the competition fluctuates from friendly matches to intense battles for supremacy.

Is it worth the price?   

TheRocket League Hot Wheels Stadium Playset does indeed come with a rather lofty price tag, the cash you’ll have to shell out is worth the joy and experience it can potentially bring. If you love Rocket League, and if you have an equal affinity for Hot Wheels just as well, then this playset is perfect for you.

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