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The Samsung Qled Gaming Monitor is Ultra Good

Samsung Qled Gaming Monitor
By | May 8th, 2018 | Categories: Gifts for Gamers
Elevate the game!
5.0 out of 5 Price: $896 - Amazon : May 8, 2018

In an age where multi-tasking is the norm, having the most advanced tools is a prerequisite if you want to keep up with the blinding pace of modern-day living. This pervades every aspect ranging from work right down to the long hours that we spend on gaming. That’s why gaming rigs—from processors right down to monitors and everything in between—need to have high specs to give us the type of performance we need. Being that the visual aspect of gaming is the most important part of it all, ultra-wide monitors are a must for any rig to keep up with the stringent standards of even the most demanding of game titles.

A kickass monitor elevates the gaming experience by delivering a crisper visual (and aural) experience. It has to give you enough proverbial juice to deliver razzmatazz color combinations whenever a game demands intense imagery. The fact that the sales numbers of ultra-wide monitors have surged in the past year is clear evidence of its popularity and is indicative of the preference of gaming enthusiasts all over. The new Samsung Qled Gaming Monitor (CHG90) has all that in spades! Here’s a look at what makes it all that and so much more.

Molded and Ahead of the Curve

When it comes to gaming, having a so-so monitor just won’t cut it. As much as possible, you want to have the biggest one with accompanying monster specs to attain a high level of realism whenever you get in the zone. Sure, having it doesn’t necessarily make you better at the game you’re playing, but it sure does make the overall experience a definitive one.

The Samsung CHG90 boasts an ultra-large and ultra curved screen (1800R curvature) that makes it stand out without being loud and obnoxious. Featuring a sleek curved design to give gamers the ideal viewing distance, it allows players not to be caught off guard by peripheral action. This nifty curve is quite literally one of this massive gaming monitor’s best features.

Bigger, Better, Clearer

The Samsung gaming monitor is presented as quite a Behemoth, and with good reason. Loaded with advanced capabilities like a black equalizer, low input lag mode, refresh rate optimizer, and a quantum dot color feature, you’ll see that this flicker-free bad boy is the ideal gaming monitor for all the high-spec titles you have on your Steam account. Judging by the sheer size and sleek design alone (47.36” x 14.54” x 7.65” without the stand), it manages to rise above other direct competitors on the market.

When you consider the visual punch it delivers, you’re sure to be floored. Thanks in large part to the fact that it packs in all of Samsung’s latest display technology (32:9 aspect ratio, 350cd/m2-250cd/m2, 3000:1-2400:1 static contrast ratio, and 3840 x 1080 resolution) gamers all over can expect to experience gaming at an almost Zen-like level whenever they boot up their favorite titles.

Multiple Input, High Output

Versatility is a key feature that makes components of a gaming rig a worthy one. As such, we should demand the same level of adaptability from the monitors we use for long hours of grinding. With ample access points, the Samsung Qled is as versatile as it gets. It features 2 HDMI ports so you can easily switch from console to console, a USB hub (with supercharging capabilities), as well as a mini display port enabling it to cater to all your gaming and viewing needs.

The Samsung Qled Gaming Monitor is all you expect it to be and then some! While its price range may make it seem like a bit of a tall order, the honest to goodness truth is that the features and benefits this monster of a monitor has will make the initial investment well worth it. If you have ample room in your rig, deep enough pockets, and you want a rig that’s a clear cut above the rest, then do yourself a favor and go get yourself one of these babies. Gaming marathons will never be the same.

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