Minecraft Costume Masks for Steve and Creeper By JINX

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4.2 out of 5 Price: $34.99 - Amazon : May 20, 2018

In this day and age, it’s no longer enough for folks that their favorite games are kept within the confines of their monitors. This is evidenced by the fact that they buy tons of gaming-related stuff. From action figures to apparel, and even weapon models – you name it—the virtual world permeates into the real one. This is especially true for the fans of gaming franchises that have enough clout to warrant their own merchandise. This includes the ever-popular sandbox RPG Minecraft, which uses virtual cubes as veritable building blocks to create tools, landscapes, and structures.


A lot of Minecraft players love to bring their square world into the real one. Some of them would even go to gaming or cosplay conventions to look and act like one of its denizens. In order to pass up as one, many such gamers and cosplayers would either buy or craft costumes complete with all manner of wearable articles – for hours, days, or even weeks on end – that would give them the likeness of a Minecraft character. If you’re one of those people, then you’d be pleased to know that you can go on full Minecraft mode! Steve and Creeper masks are now available thanks to JINX, a notable clothing company that primarily makes gaming-inspired items. They sell mugs, caps, figures, accessories, and action figures based on Overwatch, Halo, Witcher, and of course, Minecraft!

The Price of a Box

Added to their latest collection of Minecraft merch is the JINX Minecraft Head Costume Mask Set for Steve, the community’s nickname for the player avatar, and the Creeper, one of the most iconic monsters in the game. Both of them can be yours for only $34.99 – a steal if you’re looking to get both masks. Now the question is, what will you use them for? Halloween isn’t really around the corner yet. Well, you can wear them when you go to conventions. If you happen to be the shy type who doesn’t really socialize with others, you can just toy around with them as both masks are Instagram-worthy.

Aside from those two, JINX is also selling an Enderman Head Mask for only $24.99. If you’re not sure of the Minecraft Head Costume Mask Set because of the price, then the Enderman Head Mask’s price tag will certainly make you realize that the set is indeed a huge bargain. However, regardless of the price comparison and the lack of a bundle for the Enderman Head Mask, it’s still worth the price tag.

More Than the Material

While these may be just pre-printed cardboard, the set is definitely getting a lot of rave reviews on Amazon. Currently, it has more than 200 reviews and the products have an impressive rating of four out of five stars—a score that not a lot of Amazon products manage to reach given how critical online shoppers are when it comes to their products. Sadly, the Enderman Head Mask, with 75 reviews, is only rated three and a half out of five stars. That, however, is not necessarily a bad score. Plus, not to downplay negative reviews or anything, but less-than-stellar reviews don’t necessarily mean a product is bad. Sometimes, it’s all just a matter of taste—and the taste is subjective.

However, if you’re still not convinced that you should buy these Minecraft-related items for reasons of practicality, you can always check out JINX’s huge catalog to feast your eyes on a plethora of real-world Minecraft items that are more practical. Such examples include the sword keychain, as well as creeper plush, stuffed toys, backpack and lunch bags, and hoodies.

Don’t limit your love for Minecraft to your gaming devices. Bring them out and raise your Minecraft geek flag up high with all these Minecraft stuff from JINX, exclusively available through Amazon.

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