Tetris Heat Changing Mug: An Iconic Game to Level Up Your Cup of Joe

Tetris Heat Change Mug
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Keeping it old school!
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Take a piece of gaming history to pour your coffee or tea into! An all-time classic created by Alexey Pajitnov, a computer programmer, at his modest workstation in the Soviet Union, Tetris is what made the game industry boom back in the 1980’s. With a classic game’s d decal designed onto the ceramic mug, it’s the perfect nod to the old school. Not only can it be regarded as a simple beverage holder, but a valuable collector’s item for retro gamers as well. Seeing as Tetris has developed a cult following since its release, you won’t want to miss out on this chance to get yourself a Tetris Heat Changing Mug. Show it off to your colleagues and peers or give it as an uber-cool geeky gift for your loved ones!

Brick Up, Wake Up, and Smell the Coffee

One of the greatest features of this mug is that it is heat activated! Once you pour hot liquid into the mug, more Tetris blocks will appear right before your very eyes, reminding you of your childhood days back when games were much simpler. Reminisce about the days when you would slowly rack up points tile by tile. Relive the glory days of doing combos on your Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom. And even if you aren’t much of a retro gamer per se, it still makes a great gift for avid video gamers that have an inclination for the classics! For sure, they’d surely scream in sheer delight.

The Tetris Heat Changing Ceramic coffee mug is the perfect conversation-starter at your favorite hang-out place. Ask the local baristas to use this and watch as they gleam in excitement as they pour your hot coffee and see Tetris blocks slowly appear while the scoreboard increases in points.

There is one con, though, about this magnificent mug. However, but it’s only minor. And that it isn’t dishwasher-friendly due to the possibility that the paint might chip or flake off. Furthermore, it’s not exactly ideal to put it in a microwave to warm up your drink the way you would an ordinary mug because its heat activated decals might cause a reaction. When cleaning, it’s best to give it a simple hand-wash with a sponge and dishwashing liquid through cold tap water in the sink before gently wiping the mug dry with a cloth towel.

Activate, Cultivate, and Live Out the Geek Culture

The mug was meticulously designed by the team over at Paladone. From a small novelty gift company that began life in 1994, Paladone now delivers trend-based, innovative, intricately-designed packaged gifts and merchandise to over 80 countries across the globe. They offer worldwide distribution for both licensed and non-licensed products for the avid collector. Ensure that the products you’ll be getting from Paladone are designed by them and them only, with just 2% of the design sourced elsewhere. As UK’s leading company for gift supply, Paladone boasts a wide array of brands to cater to different types of gamers and geeks. Whether it’s for the office, Valentine’s Day, or for school, Paladone has a wide selection of just about everyone, so be sure to check their wares out.

Not only is this mug made of high-grade ceramic, it’s also an officially-licensed Tetris Product! So for nitpicking collectors out there who only want the official merch, this is right up your alley. Add the fact that it costs less than $9 and it’s sure to be the piece de resistance of your gaming trinket collection. For less than $10 you get to have a high-quality mug that even has a heat-activated decal place on the mug to boot. Paladone also has other designs such as the GameBoy and Legend of Zelda-themed heat-changing mugs that offer the same great quality as this one.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up one of the greatest games of all-time in the form of a ceramic mug and experience utter nostalgia whenever you’re taking a sip of your favorite coffee blend!

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