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If you’ve stayed up-to-date with the latest trends in gaming, it’s virtually impossible for you to have missed Fallout 76’s substandard real-life items that came along with the $200 Power Armor edition. With that kind of news, it’s only natural for fans to be discouraged from, or at least be wary of buying merchandise related to the franchise. However, there’s still some good Fallout stuff out there, and one of them is the Fallout Nanoforce Series 1 Army Figure Collection from Toynk Toys.

What is the Nanoforce Series 1 Army Figure Collection?

The Nanoforce Series 1 Army Figure set is obviously a reference to the green Army Men toys that were popular in the 1950s. This is perfectly in line with one of Fallout’s motifs: mid-20th century Americana.

The set is divided into two—according to color. The blue ones are all Vault Boy doing and being all sorts of things. He’s a chemist, cola drinker, bodybuilder, gangster, the soldier, and even the famous internet troll known as the Grim Reaper.

The rest of the pieces are colored pink, which is objects in the game that have become iconic among the fanbase. There are two Nuka products, and they’re both shaped like bottles: the Cola rocket and the Thirst Zapper. Another interesting find among the pink pieces is Grognak’s Axe, which is the weapon of the game’s in-universe barbarian comic book hero of the same name. There’s also a suit, a Kevlar-wearing dog, and a nuke warhead.

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How good are they?

Quality-wise, the small figures are solid. By that, we mean well-made and tough, as it’s hard to even bend them in the slightest degree. The surface is pretty smooth and shiny with no extra bits sticking out–a common problem for these kinds of toys. Also, both the exterior and the color are even. Lastly, despite their size, the figures are intricately and accurately detailed.

As for the things you can do with the figures, let’s be honest–other than displaying them near in your gaming station along with your other Fallout goodies, there isn’t a lot. Well, if you have a bit of a childish streak, you can play with them and get creative the way kids do to give their toys life.

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What can I do with them?

Kidding aside, there are actually three things you can do to these mini-figures. You can paint them to whichever color you like. Green would be a natural choice, as it would make the figures go full circle as homage to the original Army Men toys.

You can also make a diorama using the pieces. In fact, this is probably the best use for the set. For the floor and background, you can make that familiar post-apocalyptic Fallout desolate wasteland, a few buildings, or even portray an entire city. Yes, you really have to make the structures, as they don’t seem to be available through Toynk just yet.

Also, while you’re in the business of diorama making, you can buy the other volumes of the Fallout Nanoforce Series 1 Bagged Version 3 from Toynk. They include familiar Fallout mainstays like the Power Armor, as well as robots and monsters. Even if you have no plans of building a diorama, the set is a must-buy if you want a more complete collection.

Last but definitely not least, the pieces can serve a more unconventional purpose: board game pieces. You can use them for the official Fallout board game, for a completely unrelated one, or even make your own Fallout-themed one.


A nostalgic callback in the form of Fallout memorabilia, the Fallout Nanoforce Series 1 Army Figure Collection from Toynk Toys is a rather interesting find. If you want something to line up your shelf or something physical to remind you of the Fallout universe, this is the toy to get!

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