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Achieving Top-notch Efficiency with a Destiny 2 Item Manager

Destiny 2 Item Manager
By | March 27th, 2019 | Categories: Interviews

No matter how good a game is, there’s always a way to make it even better. And that’s exactly what the Little Light app does for Destiny 2. With it, item transfer between characters is a breeze, loadouts are a cinch, and item details are right there at the palm of your hand.

Developed by João Paulo, this Destiny 2 Item Manager is a continuously evolving app that’s designed to keep up with the ever-changing pace of the game. Let’s get to know more about the application and the man behind it.

(1) Tell us about yourself (name/nickname, hometown, age, occupation, favorite games that you play and what platform(s) you play)?

Hi! I’m João Paulo Marquesini, a 34-year-old software developer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s kind of obvious, but I play mainly Destiny 2. I also like some JRPGs, fighting games, and indies. I’m currently playing Don’t Starve, Wizard of Legend, Hollow Knight, and (obviously) Destiny 2. I currently play on PS4.

(2) Do you work independently or in a team? If in a team, how big is it?

I work independently, but every now and then, I get some help from the community—mostly for translations. I also plan to share Little Light’s source soon, so people can contribute to it.

(3) What inspired you to create an app specifically for this game? When did it cross your mind to create your app?

Mostly an app that I used in Destiny 1 (Ishtar academy), and the developer discontinued it when he stopped playing. What drove me to build Little Light was that what was available at the time were missing some features or didn’t run well on phones.

(4) What programming language or tool did you use to create this app? Do you have any favorite PLs or tools in particular?

I started building Little Light using Ionic, but wasn’t happy with its performance, so I decided to remake it using Flutter. Right now, in my real life job, I use php and vue.js a lot, but so far, I really like Flutter.

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(5) When it comes to designing the user experience/UX of the app, what motivated you or what influences did you have?

I usually try to prioritize usability over “prettiness”. I try to make some stuff look like they are in the game, but don’t stick to that if it makes the app harder to use on a small screen.

(6) From the developer’s and gamer’s perspective, how do you think the app affects the overall experience of the game?

Well, I think it’s kind of hard to let go once you get used to it. You can equip loadouts on the go, you can search for items using a lot of custom parameters and equipment. You have a lot of shortcuts to avoid unnecessary trips to the tower. Also, you can check your gear, read lore and check your collection status when you aren’t playing too. As a lore nerd, I love reading triumphs and item lore when I’m not playing.

(7) Is there any margin of error when it comes to the app’s performance and provided information?

Yes. Unfortunately, there are some weapon stats that are not exactly right in Destiny API.

(8) What were your biggest challenges for this project? How did you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge was starting it. Destiny API is kind of hard to jump into at first. Gladly, there’s a lot of good folks ready to give advice on DIM’s slack and the Bungie API team is very helpful too.

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(9) Are you expecting the game’s expansions to change your app’s dynamics and performance? Is it something that you’ve already prepared to tackle?

Yep. As it has already happened before, destiny is an ever-growing game and the app is never finished. There’s a lot of stuff that I’m already planning for the current content.

(10) Are there any exciting new developments for your app that you would care to share?

Right now I’m implementing an item stats share function.

Next things I plan to implement:

– duplicates listing

– item comparison

– favorites

– to do lists

– public loadouts, so you can check what other people are using for a certain activity

(11) Could you share a few quick tips to new players of the game?

I think the most important advice to anyone starting Destiny is this: find friends to play with. Destiny is a lot more fun when playing in a team (and mandatory for a lot of activities) setting.

(12) Any advice you’d like to share to aspiring game app or web developers?

First (and most important I think) is never stop learning. It doesn’t matter how good you are, you will never know everything in development. Everyday there’s new stuff. Also, listen to users. They may sometimes know better than you in regard to the way your app should work.

Maximize Your Resources to Win the Battle

When it comes to the little nips and tucks of skirmishes, victory often boils down to resource management. Those who learn to maximize their own, or somehow outlast their opponents as their resources whittle away, are usually the ones who come out on top. With the Destiny 2 Item Manager, you’ll have just the right tool to spread your resources out and attain that crucible victory.

All it takes is a “Little Light” to illuminate the way. Take one step closer to your “destiny” by downloading the app today.

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