How Many Skins are in League of Legends?

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In-game cosmetics are now the big thing in games. Most popular games now are offering cosmetic items for their game through microtransactions. It’s no secret that these cosmetics are great sources of revenue. Cosmetics can even attract new players to a game, so it’s natural for players to ask: how many skins are in League of Legends?

League of Legends is one of those games that are consistent with releasing in-game cosmetics. Since its release in 2010, League of Legends has been a free-to-play game that relies on microtransactions for cosmetics for their money, aside from other sources. It’s been more than 10 years since its launch, and now it has a huge number of cosmetic items available in its in-game shop.

League of Legends Skins

League of Legends skins are the foremost cosmetic item. Skins are like outfits for a League of Legends champion. They change the appearance, voice, voice lines, particle effects, or animations of a champion; there are some Skins that combine all of those changes as well. Skins are divided into five tiers: Regular, Epic, Legendary, Ultimate, and Mythic.

Regular skins are the lowest tier skins in the game. They cost only 975 RP or less. These skins only change a champion’s outfit, nothing more. Some skins in this tier barely add anything new, only recoloring the champion.

Epic skins are the next tier. Skins in this tier cost 1,350 RP and bring more changes to a champion’s visuals; the outfit and sometimes the particle effects of a champion’s abilities are changed. Some skins in this tier have their voices modified, but their voice lines remain unchanged.

Legendary skins are the second-highest tier for skins in the game. These skins cost 1,820 RP and include a lot of changes. Legendary skins will give champions a makeover with the outfit, particle effects, and champion animations. Legendary skins will also have a different voice and a different set of voice lines.

Ultimate skins are the highest tier and the most expensive skins in the game. They cost 3,250 RP each and include all changes, and a bit more. What makes Ultimate skins stand out is the added gimmick to their skins. Skins like Elementalist Lux and Gun Goddess Misfortune can change into different varieties of the skin according to their preference. Ultimate skins change the champion model whenever they do certain actions, but these changes do not affect the gameplay.

Mythic is a tier of its own. They are skins exclusive to the Mythic Shop and can only be bought by exchanging Mythic Essences. These skins are like Epic skins regarding the changes made to a champion.

Skin Themes

As of now, there are over 1,400 skins available in League of Legends. However, some of these League of Legends skins are no longer available for purchase in the game’s store due to being a limited-time event skin or being a ranked reward. Some skins are also made available again every once in a while, so keep an eye out.

With the number of skins available in the game, it’s no surprise that some of these skins are connected with each other. There are skins in the game with recurring themes; there are annual events that release skins following the same theme. Some skins are tied to a champion’s lore, while some have an established universe of their own.

One example of a theme is the Star Guardian skins. League of Legends recently released new Star Guardian skins this July, adding to the already existing roster of Star Guardian skins. The Star Guardian skin line started out as a standalone skin in 2015 with the release of Star Guardian Lux. Upon feedback from its community, Riot Games released a set of Star Guardian skins the following year.

The Star Guardian skin line has an established universe of its own. Each release from this skin line comes with either a short story, video trailer, or music video. Riot Games has supported this skin by releasing it with media that added on to the Star Guardian lore. Players can expect to see more Star Guardian skins in the future because of its popularity.

Annual events such as Chinese New Year are also celebrated in the game. The Lunar Revel event is an annual event based on the Chinese holiday. Skins that follow this theme have Chinese-inspired outfits and red and yellow color schemes, reflecting the holiday colors. There are also Halloween events that release skins inspired by supernatural creatures.

Skin lines are also released in honor of the Worlds champion. Worlds is the biggest international competition for League of Legends. The event’s winner will get to pick which in-game champion they want their honorary skin to be made for. Worlds skins also have a Recall animation patterned after their corresponding professional player. More recent Worlds skins also include a signature of the professional player during their Recall animation.

How many skins are there exactly?

With the recent release of Star Guardian skins, League of Legends now has exactly 1,430 skins. Each patch introduces around four to six new skins, totaling about 8 to 12 per month.

Having all the skins is a one-of-a-kind achievement for a League of Legends player. League of Legends’ new challenges system even tracks the number of skins a player has collected. The amount of money needed to purchase all of the skins would be a ridiculous sum. However, the game is quite generous to its loyal players.

Players that often play the game well and respectfully can earn Hextech Keys and Chests. Hextech chests can contain a skin shard that players can turn into permanent skins by exchanging them for Orange Essences. They can also get a random skin permanent when exchanging three skin shards through re-rolling. The best part about this system is that when a player is lucky enough to get a Legendary or Ultimate skin shard, it automatically turns into a skin permanent without needing any resources.

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