Monster Hunter Rise vs. Monster Hunter World

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Which is the Better Monster Hunter? Rise or World?

The Monster Hunter franchise has added a new installment to its selection. Monster Hunter Rise was released exclusively for Switch on March 26, 2021. The game has gained much popularity in that platform Capcom decided to launch the game on PC in accordance with players’ demands. Taking lessons from how they improved Monster Hunter World, the newest game for the PC franchise has seen a record-breaking release on Steam. However, how does Monster Hunter Rise compare to Monster Hunter World? Considering that the latter has been the top-ranking Monster Hunter of all time, will Rise be able to overtake World?

What is Monster Hunter?

As the name states, Monster Hunter is an action RPG game where players get to hunt monsters. These monster extermination quests are usually given by a village elder, guild receptionist, or a town board. Players will then be taken to the area where they are supposed to look for and take down their targets. After eliminating the threats, hunters can then loot the carcasses of their fallen foes and craft them into weapons and armor. The more dangerous a monster is, the better the quality of the crafting materials.

Monster Hunter offers players a wide selection of weapons. From huge greatswords to explosive gun lances, hunters can use these various weapons to experience different types of gameplays. There are also a lot of activities that players can do while they aren’t battling large behemoths or smaller monsters such as mining, fishing, and gathering. There are a lot of things that gamers can do in every Monster Hunter franchise as Capcom makes the games as immersive as possible.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Rise is the newest installment to the Monster Hunter franchise introducing faster gameplay than its predecessors. The game also introduces new features as players drop in into the main setting of the game, Kamura Village. In the game, hunters are introduced to the village which they then have to protect from a potential Rampage, a cataclysmic event that sees dozens of monsters attacking the Kamura.

Monster Hunter Rise also releases a companion called Palamutes. These Palamutes are wolf-life that can be ridden by players or assist players in battle. Alongside the Palicoes, hunters can now bring these agile creatures in their hunting quests. Gamers have the option to choose between 2 Palicoes, 2 Palamutes, or 1 Palamure and 1 Palicoe at a time.

Rise is keeping all of the franchise’s 14 signature weapons. Each weapon will feature a different playstyle and varying perks. Some of these weapons got buffs in order to make them viable for solo playing. Here is the list of weapons for Rise:

  • Longsword
  • Sword and Shield
  • Gunlance
  • Lance
  • Hunting Horn
  • Dual Blades
  • Charge Blades
  • Hammer
  • Light Bowgun
  • Heavy Bowgun
  • Switch Axe
  • Great Sword
  • Insect Glaive

The game will also be introducing the new Wirebug item. This equipment is Rise’s version of World’s Clutch Claw. Though both can be used as grappling hooks, the Wirebug allows players to ride monsters in order to damage them with Silkbind attacks or control them for a limited time.

Just Slightly Better than Switch

When the newest Monster Hunter installment was launched, the game still had some various glitches and issues, particularly its resolution. The game was originally intended to be played on Switch which uses a TV resolution at 30 fps on a 720p. Taking the game into PC presented a challenging task since this platform does not present any limitations similar to Switch’s graphics and hardware. As of the moment, Rise can only be played at 60 fps maximum which is kind of a bummer since many players can run games above 144 fps or beyond. As a result, the visuals of the game are less breathtaking than its predecessor since World was optimized for PC use.

Another issue that players face is that Capcom did not allow cross-save between the two platforms. This means that Switch players cannot continue their progress when they play on PC. Sadly, this also means that the game will not be supporting cross-platform gameplay, so PC gamers who are looking forwards to playing with their Switch friends are very disappointed with this.

How Does Rise Fare Against Monster Hunter World?

Monster Hunter Rise has become one of Capcom’s massively successful titles, effectively overtaking Resident Evil’s Village active player count after its launch. Though Monster Hunter Rise has made a record-breaking release when it launched on PC on January 12, 2022, it was not able to overtake MH World, which was released four years ago. While Rise peaked at 134,262 active players, World still has a massive lead over its successor with 294,091 active players during its release.

Monster Hunter World remains Capcom’s most popular and most played Monster Hunter game in the whole franchise. The game even garnered more attention after the release of the Iceborne expansion. However, Rise still has a chance to take over as the reigning king of the Monster Hunter franchise.

Capcom is still set on optimizing the game on PC as their development team is taking pieces from World to implement in Rise. With these continuous developments, gamers are hopeful that the game can imitate, if not surpass, the breathtaking visuals of World. Monster Hunter Rise is also set to gain another expansion called Sunbreak which seeks to emulate the success Iceborne provided for Monster Hunter World. If the devs are able to enhance the game’s graphics before the expansion comes out, World might turn out to be the best MH game there is.

Though Rise has been around for a year since it has been on Switch since 2021, the game still has a lot of room for improvement on PC. It has already become one of Capcom’s most successful game titles inside and outside the Monster Hunter franchise. Even with its limited visuals and graphic settings, Rise is still one of the best games there is for players who enjoy battling giant behemoths.

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