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New World: A Comprehensive Guide to Stonecutting and Mining

new world stonecutting guide
By | October 21st, 2021 | Categories: New World

Stonecutting is an indispensable profession in New World. From the moment you start the game, your Mining can begin with the Flint Pickaxe you have at hand. During the early parts of the game, Stonecutting will not be critical. However, after level 35, Stonecutting will become an essential asset, both for gems as well as Town Project missions.

You can start the Stonecutting profession during your very first few levels. So keep that in mind while questing and remember to collect stones whenever you leave settlements. Remember that the more stones you collect, the quicker you can level your Stonecutting. Here are some ways to increase your efficiency while leveling.

What is Stonecutting? How to Use It?

Stonecutting is a gemstone craft. You will not need this profession much during the early-game. However, as your character’s level increases, you will realize the importance of Town Project quests. And because of this, you will constantly need Stone Blocks and Stone Bricks. Now, let’s get to the most important part of the profession, gems.

What are Gems?

Gems are resources that you can insert into sockets on your character’s weapons and armor. From the moment you put them in a given piece of gear, it gives various bonuses according to its Tier level. This is why gems make Stonecutting part and parcel of one of the main mechanics of New World. If you do not use gems suitable to your class, you will have a lot of difficulty in both PVE and PVP. Because gems have certain modifiers, itemization can be tricky, as you don’t want to attach a gem that can inflict fire damage on a character you play as a tank, for example.

Stonecutting Resources and Mining

Stonecutting is directly related to Mining. The more advanced your Mining profession is, the easier it will be for you to gather the resources needed for Stonecutting. There are 4 blocks that you can craft.

1. Stone Block

The Stone Block is a resource that you create from processing the stones you get from mining. Especially if you want to level up your Stonecutting profession quickly between levels 0-50, focus on mining rocks and crafting Stone Blocks, while keeping the excess you get in your Storage. Essentially, just hoard them, because you will need a lot of Stone Blocks during your Stonecutting journey.

2. Stone Brick

Once your Stonecutting level reaches 50, the next item you will craft are Stone Bricks. To produce this resource, you need 4 Stone Blocks and 1 Sandpaper. Also, the Stonecutting Table in your Settlement must be Tier 3 to craft this item. You don’t have to worry too much about this, because, with each passing day, Factions and Companies develop the Settlements they hold.

When you start producing Stone Bricks, you will see that your Stonecutting level increases a little faster. We recommend that you store the Stone Bricks you produce in your Storage, just like Stone Blocks. Because you will need to use a lot of Stone Bricks in Town Project missions at higher levels. Stone Bricks are also used abundantly in the making of your next resource, Lodestone Bricks.

Crafting Requirements

4x Stone Block

1 Sandpaper

Stonecutting Skill Lv. 50

Stonecutting Table Tier 3

3. Lodestone Brick

Lodestone is a rare ore that is frequently used during the mid-game. You can start producing Lodestone Brick after your Stonecutting level reaches 100. At this point, your Mining profession should be level 105, because mining Lodestones requires it. When you combine the Lodestones you get here with Stone Brick and Sandpaper, you will craft a Lodestone Brick.

Lodestone Bricks are often used to make orbs, especially for dungeon entrances.

Crafting Requirements

6x Lodestone

2x Stone Brick

1x Sandpaper

Stonecutting Skill Lv. 100

Stonecutting Table Tier 4

4. Obsidian Void Stone

It is one of the highest level materials you can create with Stonecutting. The Obsidian Void Stone is a Tier 5 level legendary resource that uses extremely rare items to craft it. Loamy Lodestone, which is used in its production, is obtained from a stone called Earthcrag, which is extremely rare and its spawns depends a lot on luck. Obsidian Void Stones are used extensively in the making of “Rune Stone”, which is needed in many of the legendary staffs that can be crafted by the Arcana profession. As we mentioned at the beginning, this resource is an endgame element. However, when your character reaches level 60, you can slowly produce it.

Crafting Requirements

8x Lodestone Brick

2x Lodestone

1x Loamy Lodestone

1x Sandpaper

Stonecutting Skill Lv. 150

Stonecutting Table Tier 5

Other Materials Used in Stonecutting Profession

The items we will describe here are used in common with most other professions. The use of these resources is very important, because depending on the tier, if used during crafting, you can create bonus items.

That’s why we’ll list some refining resources specifically used for the Stonecutting profession:

Weak Solvent: a Tier 3 level Refining component that is common in the New World universe and used in various crafting professions such as Stonecutting. It is looted from the Supply Containers that appear when you are questing. Therefore, when you go on a quest, do not forget to constantly open the chests around you.

Potent Solvent: Just like other solvents, it is a Tier 4 level material used in different professions. It comes out of the Supply Containers, especially on the maps between levels 34-58.

Pure Solvent: It is a Tier 5 resource. Rarely obtained from chests on the maps. You can gain more than 80% bonus items when you use this solvent in production. We recommend using this resource, especially on rare materials.

Coarse Sandpaper: It is a Tier 3 level rarity material that is often found in chests on the starting maps. Just like other products, they can be farmed from Supply Containers.

Fine Sandpaper: It is a Tier 4 level resource that will give you a 57% chance of obtaining additional items based on your Stonecutting level. Obtained from chests on maps above level 34.

Obsidian Sandpaper: It is a material that you can obtain especially from high-level maps. It is Tier 5 level and allows you to gain 82% bonus items depending on your profession level, which you use in production.

Stonecutting and Mining Leveling

As you no doubt understand by this point, you cannot progress in the Stonecutting profession unless your Mining level is high. That’s why you need to improve your Stonecutting level in parallel with your Mining level. Here’s a simple guide to leveling Mining:

Beginner Leveling 0-50: Assuming that you have just started the game, it will take you a maximum of 1 hour to reach 50. You mine rocks to increase your mining level, Iron and Silver are mines that you can grind at this stage. Depending on your luck, rare materials will also drop from these deposits. That’s why you cut every stone you see while questing. At the same time, you will receive some gems during your farming. Save these gems for later in the game.

Medium Leveling 50-150: At this point, you’ve reached the mid-game and are more familiar with the PvE aspects of the game. After your Mining level reaches 105, you will be able to obtain Lodestone Bricks for the first time from the Lodestones you collect. Especially the Great Cleave region has a large amount of the deposits you need. You can go to these areas to collect Lodestones as well as Starmetal ore. Never try to sell these resources you have obtained in the market, because their prices are cheap and they will not benefit you. Therefore, try to level up by crafting Lodestone Bricks.

Advanced Leveling 150-200:  If you have reached level 60 in the game, this section concerns you. You can now produce the Obsidian Void stones and Rune Stones using in the Stonecutting profession. Since these items are used in the production of Tier 5 legendary items, they are both expensive in price and allow you to increase your gear score. In order to do this, you need to go to the “Great Cleave” region and farm Earthcrag.

Tips About Leveling Stonecutting

• The amount of weight you can carry can be a problem when it comes to Stonecutting and Mining. To avoid this, constantly increase the amount of your storage in the settlement you are leveling.

• After a while, however, your storage will start to be insufficient, so buy a house and place chests in it. These chests will increase the capacity of your storage.

• Don’t waste your orbs at beginner and intermediate levels. Collect orbs you craft and obtain. You can use them to reach level 60 in the future.

• Create “Buy Orders” in Trading Post for refining materials that you can use for Stonecutting and try to buy these products cheaply.

• Never buy gems at high prices from the market. As you mine, you will constantly get gems.

Turning Orb Components

There are 6 dungeons in total in New World. In order to enter these dungeons, only one person in a party of 5 must have a dungeon orb. In this section, we will talk about how you can craft dungeon orbs on the Stonecutting table.

Amrine Tuning Orb

It is the starting dungeon of New World. The Amrine Excavation can be done with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5 people in total. A person in the Party must have an orb in their inventory.

Crafting Requirements

10x Corrupted Silver

1x Iron Chisel

50x Stone Block

1x Eternal Heart

Starstone Tuning Orb

This dungeon is the 2nd dungeon of the game that can be entered at +35 level. The dungeon entrance is located in the lower part of the Everfall settlement.

Crafting Requirements

10x Corrupted Fragment

1x Steel Chisel

50x Stone Brick

1x Elemental Heart

Depths Tuning Orb

After level 40 of the game, it is a mandatory dungeon to continue the main quest. The recommended entry level is 45 and the dungeon is located in the Restless Shore.

Crafting Requirements

10x Corrupted Shard

1x Starmetal Chisel

50x Lodestone Brick

1x Energy Core

Dynasty Tuning Orb

Just like the Depths dungeon, it is a dungeon that you have to build together with the main story of the game. It is extremely difficult to finish and you must have reached level 55. The entry point is the extreme point of the Ebonscale Reach region.

Crafting Requirements

10x Corrupted Crystal

1x Orichalcum Chisel

10x Obsidian Voidstone

1x Energy Core

Lazarus Tuning Orb

It is a dungeon that you can do in the last levels of the game. Usually the player enters this dungeon after reaching level 60 to increase their gear score.

Crafting Requirements

10x Corrupted Lodestone

1x Asmodeum Chisel

10x Runestone

1x Lazarus Core

Genesis Tuning Orb

It is an endgame dungeon just like Lazarus. We can say that it is the hardest dungeon of the game. So you may not want to waste your orbs 😊

Crafting Requirements

10x Corrupted Lodestone

1x Asmodeum Chisel

5x Runestone

1x Genesis Core

Tip: You can easily find some items you need to craft dungeon orbs. Especially Corrupteds are obtained from Corrupted Areas shown in red on the map. You can open the boxes you get by destroying the structures here and collect corrupted materials.

Bonus Tip: You can buy all items under the name of “Chisel” from your Faction Shop. Depending on your faction level, the chisels you can get vary.

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