New World Updates and Patch Notes 2022

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New World 2022 Roadmap: What’s Next

According to this article on PCGamesN, here is what to be expected for New World in 2022:

  • Spring:
    • 3v3 PvP arenas
    • New PvP reward track
  • Summer:
    • New expedition – Barnacles and Black Powder
    • A group finder for expeditions
    • New summer event
  • Autumn:
    • The Brimstone Sands territory and its own expedition – Ennead (According to director Scot Lane, it is going to be “one of the harder expeditions in the game”)
    • Leaderboards for both PvP & PvE events

New World Timeline of Past Updates

Mar 2022

The Tempest’s Heart expedition

Concluding the initial main storyline arc
A new blunderbuss weapon type
Improvements to storytelling and quest objectives in the main quests
Additional options for players who want to see the story content entirely solo

Feburary 2022

Server Transfers and Hotfixes

A new round of server transfers are kicking off in New World. In an effort to alleviate player population issues, AGS has opened up a second round of server transfers to allow players to migrate to more populated servers.
AGS provided a detailed list of fixes for New World in the latest February Update. World experience, general AI, expedition AI, Mutators, among many more have all seen tweaks and rebalancing.

Feburary 2022

New World Patch 2

New World’s PTR patch 2 notes were recently released and players are excited for the upcoming changes. Noteable among them being more Umbral Shards from activities other than Mutated Dungeons, more Gypsum, housing Changes and more.

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