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E3 Developers: 2018’s Movers and Shakers

E3 Developers
By | June 13th, 2018 | Categories: News

With the hoopla surrounding the soon-to-be-concluded E3 2018 reaching fever pitch, it’s only natural for us here at PlayerAuctions to give it the coverage that’s due to it. And boy, can we say that this year’s installment of the annual convention is as good as it gets!

Running from June 11 to the 14, E3 2018 features an impressive roster of titles whose prospects have fans salivating. Among the most notable of these is a sort of Battle of the Titans of sorts with Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 going head-to-head with EA’s Battlefield V.With everyone coming up with their own lists of the top teasers from E3 Developers, we decided to focus on the biggest hitters instead. Here’s a closer look at what the prime movers and shakers of the gaming industry unveiled for the eager public.

Bethesda: Fallout 76 Goes Online

Here at PlayerAuctions, we believe in starting on a strong note to set the tone right. So how’s this for starters: Fallout 76! This much-anticipated title is sure to be one of the biggest releases for 2018. So what do the folks at Bethesda have to keep us on the edge of our seat? Well, Fallout 76 is as ambitious as a release can get. The Fallout series has an always online mode for players to enjoy. While there have been many titles that featured this option, this is a first for the Fallout series. And the good thing about this new feature is that while it offers something new, the game still retains its single-player option so it can readily satiate the cravings of gamers who just aren’t into online features.

Bethesda also managed to pique the interest of wide-eyed fans as they teased them with the new Elder Scrolls release. Consistently an exceptional RPG series, Elder Scrolls promises hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay. To put the proverbial cherry on top of the sundae, Elder Scrolls also features consistently riveting writing—something that’s sure to continue with this new installment.

This is big news for longtime fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise who are sure to eagerly mark their calendars until its release.

Electronic Arts: Redemption on the Battlefield

Ah, EA! While vilified in recent years because of microtransaction-ridden titles (Star Wars Battlefront), we have to admit that they managed to tickle our palate and send shivers up & down our spine with the promise of Battlefield V (slated for release this October). With their promise of doing away with microtransactions, they’re sure to regain fans they lost along the way. It’s nice when game developers show that they really listen to fans, isn’t it?

As we mentioned earlier, EA’s Battlefield V may see stiff competition via Black Ops. These two titles are arguably two of the most dominating and long-standing FPS games ever released. The good part about it is that gamers don’t necessarily have to choose between the two. While Black Ops focuses mainly on futuristic military themes, Battlefield V offers players a good dose of historical storytelling as it is set in WWII. Each game has its own unique angle and subtle nuances to keep gamers engaged.

Why settle for one slice when you can enjoy the entire pie?

Ubisoft: Evolution Instead of Revolution

While some may tout Ubisoft as a developer that relies heavily on tried-and-tested formulas to a fault, they’ve managed to break free with innovations for the year—and it involves two of their best franchises. Repetitive isn’t something we’d call Ubisoft’s offerings for 2018. Let’s start with Division 2. It aims to rectify the shortcomings of its predecessor. The mere fact that Ubisoft was able to fix underlying issues that plagued the title since its initial release proves that Ubisoft is a company that has the mettle to switch gears and improves upon great ideas as well as seemingly failed ones.

To further cement their innovative and evolutionary approach for the year, they’re coming up with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. It is touted as a transitional title for the simple reason that it’ll shift the franchise from being a typical action-adventure game into a full-on RPG—complete with dialogue choices and all!

So here’s the part where we give our two cents—our first impressions if you will. Well, this year’s installment of E3 is the perfect mix of both sequels and IPs. The horizon looks promising with game titles abound for the rest of 2018. The main appeal of all these games also lies in the fact that they aren’t dependent on a single gaming platform. Cross-platform is the norm and it unites gamers the world over—regardless of their platforms of choice.

Let out your inner geek and get ready for long hours of gameplay because 2018 has exciting things in store!

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