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Gamescom: EU Gotta See It

By | August 25th, 2016 | Categories: News

Gaming conventions are always big events. There is E3, which is arguably the biggest and most popular yearly convention there is, and then there is Gamescom. Although it’s not as renowned as its LA-based counterpart, this gaming gathering that happened in Cologne, Germany. It is definitely worth shining the spotlight on. As it’s where many upcoming games and updates regarding their development have been announced.

Unlike E3, Gamescom didn’t have the big three console companies – Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo – as its cornerstones. They didn’t even hold press conferences. Instead, Gamescom had been more about the game development companies.

Electronic Arts: Running, Riding, Gunning

First off is EA, which talked about their upcoming and much-awaited games.  There is FIFA 17, which the latest iteration of the FIFA video game franchise that will be coming out by the end of August. The game has a lot of new features to further improve the game and give it a more lifelike, solid, and rewarding sense of enjoyment.  There is also Titanfall 2: the sequel to Titanfall. Aside from featuring much-improved graphics and overall gameplay mechanics, it will now have a solo campaign mode to get players even more familiar and interested in the game’s expansive world.

And last but definitely not least (and perhaps the most anticipated) was Battlefield 1. EA’s rich and intuitive military-based first-person shooter franchise will be taking a new direction by looking at World War I. Gamers will be taken to Europe – and sometimes Africa – to engage in machine-gun firefights and biplane dogfights.

Ubisoft: The More, The Merrier

Ubisoft is another company which put on an impressive show by announcing the highest number of games on the expo. Under their belt is Steep, a sports game that’s centered on winter sports such as snowboarding, wingsuit gliding, and paragliding; South Park: The Fractured But Whole, an RPG based on Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s sometimes offensive, sometimes crazy, and always funny animated series; For Honor, a hack-and-slash that lets players choose between being a knight, a samurai, or a Viking, and fight with the two other factions in bloody, brutal, and fast-paced battles; and Watch Dogs 2, the latest installment of the cybercrime-themed open-world third-person adventure shooter, wherein players control Marcus Holloway, a hacker who lives in San Francisco, the latest city to install the ctOS, an advanced government surveillance system.

Capcom: Fearfully Good

Last but definitely not least is Capcom. While they only showcased two games in the event, they both had a rather chilling appeal: Dead Rising 4 and Resident Evil 7. The former is the latest followup to the zany zombie-killing franchise. Which is as crazy or even crazier than its previous installments. While the latter is the creepy and freaky new direction for the Resident Evil series, which managed to make many attendees’ spines tingle in its gameplay trailer.

These were but three of the many exhibitors at Gamescom. Their presentations are but a few of the exciting events that happened at the event. So you should definitely check them out so you can see the highlights for yourself. And by the look of things, it seems like Europe’s gaming expo is shaping up to be as exciting as its American and Japanese cousins.

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