Highlights from the Nintendo E3 2018 Press Conference

Nintendo E3 2018
By | June 13th, 2018 | Categories: News

This year’s E3 brought a good balance between sequels and new IPs. No matter what game publisher or console you follow, there’s always something new to get hyped up on. Since bringing up highlights for all would make this article too long, we’ll just focus on Nintendo E3 2018 highlights.


Fornite Battle Royale is coming to the Switch! You’ll be able to build and dominate the eye of the storm with your handy Switch from pretty much anywhere you can get an internet connection. There’s no need to make another account, as your Epic user account can be used for this version. It also marks the first ever competitive (‘always online’) game on the console, as Nintendo usually focuses on casual games. What makes it better is that crossplay with mobile, Xbox, and PC is available for this version, unfortunately for your friends on the PS4. It became available the same day it was announced, June 12, 2018.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The most ambitious game crossover brings back every single character ever featured on former titles. Yes, that means even DLC characters and those who haven’t been featured for a long time. That includes Solid Snake (of Metal Gear Fame) and Wolf, who haven’t shown up in a Super Smash game in 10 years. Not to mention that there are new characters such as the Inkling and Ridley. The game also improves on the characters’ mechanics, ultimates, and even aesthetics. Some environments/arenas have also returned with some adjustments. Super Smash Bros Ultimate drops in on Dec. 7, 2018.

Pokemon Go Pikachu/Eevee

This is the next installment of the Pokemon franchise. While not a core Pokemon RPG yet, it features a co-op mode and the mechanics of Pokemon Go in catching wild Pokemon. It’ll be set in Kanto, which means the original 151 are the focus of the game. What’s more is that your Pokemon will follow your character in the Overworld. That’s something the fans have been asking for since Yellow and the Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes. Then the best thing about it is the fact that you can transfer your captured Pokemon from your mobile to the Switch! Go explore Kanto on Nov. 16, 2018.

In a Nutshell

Other notable announcements are about Super Mario Party, Splatoon 2, Hollow Knight, a new Xenoblade game, and a new Fire Emblem title. There’s even more lined up for release! It’s a good year for Switch owners, with all these new games.

Nintendo has never been one for competition and they’re always trying to walk their own path. They know what works but aren’t afraid to take risks either. That’s probably why the Switch is going strong with its wide variety of games, both from its home publisher and third-party ones. It bodes well for the console and Nintendo, as being extremely exclusive can actually hinder a company instead of advance it.

Let’s look forward to enjoying these games in the future!

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