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PlayerAuctions’ Year 16 Anniversary!

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By | June 30th, 2016 | Categories: News

June 2016 represents two major milestones for PlayerAuctions:

  • First, we celebrate our 16-year anniversary.
  • Second, we celebrate the acquisition of our 1 millionth registered member.

PlayerAuctions was not always the major gamer to gamer trading platform that it is today. Far from it, actually. Our marketplace got its start from a small group of gamers who began trading together in forums back in 1999, who then later set up their own domain at playerauctions.com. That year, we started with 176 original traders.

The heart of our mission has always been to provide a marketplace for gamers who want the assurance of safe, fast, and cost-effective trades. Thank you to all of our dedicated members who have stuck with us throughout the years.

In Celebration – Competition Time!

See here for more details….

We’ve decided to start up our official PlayerAuctions Instagram Account, and toss out a bunch of prizes and coupons to those who follow us! See here for more details…

It has always been our aim to be more actively engaged in our community, but throughout the years, we have always run very lean.

Right now, we don’t have a lot of content on our account, or users for that matter, but we have to start somewhere; and we want to do it honestly (not with fake users as some companies do).

If we have served you well in the past, then let’s take it a step further and make it a bit of fun.

To Be Eligible:

  • Follow our Instagram Account: PlayerAuctions
  • Turn On Post Notifications for our Account
    • This is super important, so you never miss a chance to engage with our posts for a chance to win our weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly competitions, prizes, and giveaways!

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