PS5 News, Release Date, Specs and Announcement Summary

PS5 News
By | June 14th, 2020 | Categories: News, Upcoming

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have good PS5 news for you if you’re a PlayStation fan:  the PS5 is almost here! Yeah, that’s right. Cheer! Celebrate! This is a good day for gaming. Now, although there is a good amount of mystery associated with it as Sony is shooting for a high anticipation launch, I’m here to tell you everything that we do know already! Ready to learn? Well, hopefully so because I’m here to talk! Let’s ride!

What Does the PS5 Look Like?

Don’t worry, gang. We are going to be going over everything you need to know, but let’s start with the basics here: what, exactly, are we looking at? Literally? I’ve heard it called the Wifi router, and, admittedly, it bears a resemblance. It’s a futuristic, cool looking piece of slick technology. It has two versions: one, the standard model, which boasts a Blu-ray drive, and then a Digital Edition that does not have one and is therefore slimmer. These two options are actually a handy feature, because whether you’re a person that prefers having access to disks or a person that prefers that thin look, you’re in luck!

Oh, and as far as specifics, GameSpot told us that it uses a solidstate drive and not a hard drive like the prior PlayStations. They also said that game discs will support up to 100 GB.

PS5 Release News

The PS5 was announced on the 11th at the Future of Gaming event. Sony whipped out their flagship console in all its glory next to the DualSense controller (which, on an independent note, is pretty freaking cool) that debuted in April. Was Sony happy with just showing off a new Playstation? Nope! It also threw out lots of other goodies, like a HD camera, Pulse 3D wireless headset, and a controller charging station media remote. As for the PS5 itself, they didn’t give us much of a look. It appeared simply on its side, leaving a lot to the imagination.

Are the extras included in a bundle? Now, as I’m sure we can all agree, we like bundles. There’s nothing more fun that tearing open a whole bundle of cool new tech stuff. However, though there are rumors that some of those extras are going to be included with the PS5, I can’t tell you for sure yet.

What does the PS5 Cost?

Let’s not play dumb here! The only question everyone really wants to know is how much does the PS5 cost? I mean, I’m all for the cool gadgets and nice power and sophisticated technology, but at the end of the day, can I even afford it? Here’s the bad news: we don’t have any idea. I mean, we can guess and there are lots of people trying to guess, but in reality, we don’t know anything for sure until someone accidentally leaks the information or it officially hits the market.

However, bear this in mind: Sony will market this as probably a bit higher than previous PlayStations. I’ve heard rumors of it being everywhere from $400 to $1200. However, consoles have always been known as a less expensive gaming platform, so I suspect it will come in well under a grand. Sony wants to sell these things, not to blast their market out of the water with a steep price tag.

Yeah, it’s a sneaky move to announce it, get your market into a frenzy wanting to buy it, and then not tell them how much. Oh well.

PS5 Release Date

Okay, let’s say that you get your money together and decide to buy it. Great! When can you actually walk out with one? Sony also decided not to share a specific date for that (thanks Sony), but we are looking at sometime later this year. Then, they left us in mystery for when that could be, but hey, at least it’ll be in this year! So keep your eyes peeled, as it could enter the market quite soon.

PS5 Games News

This is slightly more subjective, because the games that some people find exciting, others might not care about, and vice versa. However! I can provide you with some good news: there were some highly discussed, highly anticipated titles accompanying the PS5, including Resident Evil 8, Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and GTA V.

PS5 News and Rumors Endnote

I wish I had more to tell you. I wish I could sit down and tell you exactly when it’ll be released, exactly what bundles will or will not be included, how much it’ll cost, and more. But I can’t. Nobody can right now, because Sony’s keeping all their specifics locked up. But soon, my gamer brethren, soon we will learn the exact dates. Until then, all we have to do is wait around, stay excited, and wait for it to become available.

I know. That’s not exactly what you wanted to hear. I’m the same way. It’d be great to know all the exact specifics right now, but that’s not the way that Sony is playing this. That’s okay. At least we know this: the PS5 is highly anticipated, it’s going to boast impressive hardware under the hood, and it’s going to come along with a wave of new games and the gaming world will celebrate.

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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