SCUF Gaming Controller: The Right Way to Make One

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With E3 loaded chock full of games that have been revealed (some even with release dates) for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, you wouldn’t think things could get any better; but it did.

Enter the SCUF Gaming Controller in all its glory. The company itself, SCUF Gaming has always been geared toward gamers and providing peripherals to help support players across the world. With this in mind, they’ve created the first third-party controller for Sony and Xbox that is, quite frankly, pretty good in terms of build quality.

Something Fresh From the Not-So-New

SCUF isn’t pretty new to the gaming scene, by not only supporting casual gamers but also the growing e-sports community, you can say that they are committed to helping players attain a better overall gaming experience by supporting the best players around the world, supporting teams like OpTic Gaming, EnVy, Complexity, Epsilon & TCM to mention just a few, along with partnering with key Gaming leagues like MLG, Skylan, and Reflex among others.

The SCUF Gaming Controller is a hidden gem before its official reveals in one of the largest gaming conventions, namely E3. Being the first to implement the paddle concept, adjustable air trigger, and trigger-stopping mechanism on game controllers, the company is one the leaders for creative innovations in the gaming peripheral market. Boasting a formidable grip thanks to military-grade components isn’t too bad either. There will be one for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 respectively, but there is no news for the Nintendo Switch as of now.

SCUFfing Up the PS4

For the PlayStation 4, there’s the all-new SCUF Impact and SCUF Infinity 4ps Pro. The SCUF Impact looks somewhat of a hybrid between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controller, to be honest. It exudes versatility and customization by having changeable parts for the thumbsticks, face buttons, d-pad, heck even the rumble motors you can take out for weight purposes! Looking at it, it’s definitely a controller that you can set to your own preferences. For over $140 for a custom one and $200 for the scaly variants, this controller is no slacker at all. If you’re looking for a simpler and laid back controller that also has the shape of, like say, a normal PlayStation 4 controller would, then the SCUF Infinity 4ps Pro is your best bet. Retailing for $130, it’s definitely a worthy upgrade to your regular PlayStation 4 controller. Being just as versatile as the SCUF Impact with the interchangeable SCUF infinity rings, custom color kits, and thumbstick control area that are sold separately. Both of these have a battery life that’s pretty much identical to the standard Dualshock controller that we all know and love, which is roughly about 8-10 hours per charge.

SCUFfingUp the Xbox

For the Xbox One, there will be two variants slated for release. The SCUFForza Elite which has a $370 SRP and the SCUF Impact Turf that has a $220 SRP. The SCUFForza Elite is a controller patterned after the theme of Forza Motorsport, a racing game that has been announced on last year’s E3. The design has been patterned after the Porsche 911 GT2 RS with its gleaming silver with black and red highlights, along with a Forza logo on the front and a Porsche logo emblazoned on the top. To be fair, the Xbox One controller already has a fantastic feel and grip. But with the SCUF Gaming taking the controller’s build quality and design up a notch, you can only imagine how great it’ll feel playing with this. While the SCUF Impact Turf may be cheaper, it doesn’t compromise its quality at all. Sure, it doesn’t have as cool-looking a pattern as the SCUFForza Elite does, but it compensates for the special material that it’s covered with. This material is called “astroturf” and it features a felt-like feeling and soft to the touch, comfortable for long gaming sessions with friends.

In general, while the price may seem a bit too heavy for your wallet to take, it’s definitely a worthy adversary to your Dualshock and/or Xbox One controller. With unlimited varieties to choose from in terms of customization and the exemplary build quality that has been put into making these controllers, what more can you ask for? One thing to note about these controllers though is that they are geared towards FPS players. While it’s also great for all the other genres, the edge it gives FPS games perhaps is why e-sports players from Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Battlefield to name a few are using it. Having more consistent shots makes for team success. For what it’s worth, props to SCUF for finally giving the people what they want in a controller.

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