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What is the PlayerAuctions Payment Center?

By | July 11th, 2014 | Categories: News

The PlayerAuctions Payment Cerner has been up and running for a few weeks now. Feedback from you, our members has been great and this post we thought we give you a bit of the who, what, where when and why of the PlayerAuctions Payment Center.

Q: What is Payment Center?

A: The PlayerAuctions Payment Cerner is a platform which allows users to process secure payments.

Q: How does Payment Center work?

A: When a member makes a purchase on PlayerAuctions, we provide, through payment center, a number of different payment gateways allowing the user to select the payment option they want.

Q: What are the advantages of using payment center?

A: Choice With so many of our users living in so many different countries, the choice of which payment gateway to use can be confusing! We help make it easier for our members. We know the different markets and we know which gateways are the most appropriate.

Through payment center, we provide, a number of different payment gateways allowing the user to select the payment option they want.

SecurityThis is the natural evolution of our existing PlayerGuardian Technology. We are determined to ensure that our members are able to trade safely and securely.  We continually review our security processes to ensure they deliver for, and protect, our members

Speed – One of the things which we have been working on is how to speed up the payment authorization process. It is a challenge to find that balance of implementing sufficient and realistic timeframes to review payments but without any unnecessary delay. It is a challenge but the positive results and quicker times we have seen since we launched Payment Center are great to see!

Adaptability – We realise that e-commerce and online trading is changing at breakneck speed, which is why, when building Payment Center from the ground up, we built for adaptability and extension. If we need to add a new gateway to the product, we can do that in a week!! This provides a great platform for us to build on and adapt as the market changes.

Q: Do members  need to register an account on Payment Center in order to make a purchase?

A: No. We have seamlessly built Payment Center into the PlayerAuctions marketplace. As long as you have an existing PA Account, user name and password, then Payment Center is available for you to use!

Q: What countries does Payment Center support?

A: We support 191 countries. However, we are frequently adding new countries and exploring new opportunities.

Q: How does payment center work? /How many payment gateways are available on the Payment Center?

A: We have 4 types of payment methods:

  1. credit card,
  2. online bank transfer,
  3. offline payment,
  4. cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin)

We have, at the time of writing, 8 different payment gateways.

These are;

  1. Paypal,
  2. Skrill,
  3. Neteller,
  4. Alipay,
  5. Credit  card,
  6. Coinco
  7. GoCoin
  8. Western union

We realise our users prefer choice. Paypal is as popular to our American members as Alipay is to our Chinese customers and understanding this is  a key part of making the whole payment process quick, safe and easy.

Q: How do members report payment fraud?

A: In the unlikely event of a member experiencing fraud, our Customer service teams are on hand to help. Our Customer Support teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year! You can contact them at: support@playerauctions.com

Q: What is the relationship between Payment Center and PlayerAuctions?

A: Payment Center is a PlayerAuctions product. Our team has been busy working the midnight oils to create a product that better supports the safe and secure process of payments. The product is still relatively young and our member feedback has been invaluable in refining and modifying the product.

Q: Can members make a purchase or sale on PlayerAuctions without paying via the Payment Center?

A: No. Payment Center has been a long time in the works. The need to ensure a consistent and unified process was paramount to protecting your trades. Allowing members to pay via different options would lead to increased confusion, increased complexity and would make the job of securing your trades more difficult. Consolidating all payments through our Payment Center was a careful and deliberate choice to create the safest possible environment for your trades.

Q:  How will Payment Center evolve?

A: Well, we have a number of goals which we are moving towards. Our short-term goal is to embed the product fully into the trading process. But medium to long term goals are well and truly in the pipeline; allowing members to receive money, providing more currency options  are to name but two. We would like to say more but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.

A: If you have any feedback on the Payment Center or if you have any suggestions then we would love to hear from you. Insert Contact details.

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