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Vorkath is considered one of OSRS’s most straightforward and consistent moneymakers. Yet most of the player base seems to be apprehensive about him since his arsenal of attacks has the capability to bludgeon you to death in a single blow. However, if you know how to defeat the pesky blue dragon, you can swiftly rack up a ton of GP (in-game currency). 

Keep on reading as we dissect Vorkath’s weak points and explain everything you need to know in order to defeat the dragon! 


To go toe-to-toe with Vorkath, you’ll initially need to complete the Dragon Slayer II quest. If you haven’t done it yet, however, there’s no need to worry since the quest doesn’t take too much time, nor is it super hard like most of the quests in OSRS.

It’s also recommended to have 75 levels or higher racked up in Ranged Defence and Magic if you intend to fight the mighty Vorkath. The higher levels will make sure that you land more damage per second (DPS) and tank the undodgeable magic hits from Vorkath.

We also suggest having 74+ Prayer with Rigour unlocked since it will help you tremendously by boosting Ranged Attack, Ranged Strength, and Defence by 20%, 23%, and 25%, respectively. 

How To Get To Vorkath

Since getting to Vorkath quickly and efficiently is part of maximizing your kills per hour to gain more GP in the game, it is essential you choose the shortest route possible. The best thing for the task is the Fremmenic Sea Boots 4 Teleporter; however, it can’t be unlocked unless you’ve completed the Elite Fremmenic Diaries. 

An alternative method to reach Vorkath is by having a player-owned House with a Portal Chamber to teleport you to Waterbirth Isle or Lunar Isle. However, if you feel that a Portal Chamber is heavy on the wallet, you can buy some Teleport Tabs from the Grand Exchange and use them to get near Vorkath. 

Both ways are viable and will provide you with an almost maximum amount of efficiency to get as many kills per hour as possible.

Recommended Gear To Take Against Vorkath

So now that we’ve explored the ways you can get to Vorkath, let’s talk about what you need to come out on top without him bothering you too much: 

Elite Void/Normal Void

It’s recommended to take Elite Void or Normal Void, unlocked after completing Western Hard Diaries. The 2.5% damage and accuracy bonus that the Void provides aren’t too much on paper, but it still helps out a lot when you combine the damage bonuses from the rest of the gear we’re going to mention.

Salve Amulet (EI)

Having a Salve Amulet that is Imbued and Enchanted will also help you sustain against this boss. If your Salve Amulet isn’t Imbued and Enchanted, there’s no need to panic. Having one requires only 15 minutes of questing and a couple of hours of Nightmare Zone. 

However, the Salve Amulet is worth the effort since it’ll provide you with a 20% damage and accuracy bonus, which is more than sufficient to allow you to have a fair fight against Vorkath.

Hard Gear Requirements

Take a Dragonfire Ward if you’re able to afford it since it provides the second-highest ranged damage in the game (+15). If it weighs heavy on the wallet, an Anti-Dragon Shield will work as the best substitute since it can reduce damage from Vorkath up to 80%.

While there are various other shield slot items you can equip, they won’t be able to sustain as much damage from Vorkath as DW and ADS would, which would significantly increase your time trying to fight off the beast. 


A Dragon Hunter Crossbow will work most effectively against Vorkath, reducing your average kill time to around a minute and a half from the usual 4-5 minute one. The DHCB provides a 30% ranged accuracy and 25% damage amp against Draconic creatures, including Vorkath. 

With that said, since a DHCB costs a whopping 70 million GP, it’s pretty hard to get a hold off if you aren’t incredibly rich in OSRS. In such a case, you can opt for a Dragon Crossbow, which has an attack range of 7.

Many OSRS veterans have also previously claimed to resort to the Blowpipe method against Vorkath. However, since the method’s nerf, it hasn’t been up to the mark and isn’t a viable option anymore. 

Things To Do Before Fighting Vorkath

Before we discuss the mechanics to counter Vorkath, there are a couple of things you need to check before you depart to fight this Draconic creature. First off, make sure that your Slayer Staff has the Crumble Undead Spell selected for auto-casting, which is vital to avoid damage from Vorkath’s special attack. 

Next, take a look at your Quick Prayers and ensure that you have Protect From Missiles and Rigour selected, given that you’ve unlocked them. We’ll tell you why you need it as you go further down the article. 

Lastly, turn off your Auto-Retaliate option since you don’t want your character to automatically charge at Vorkath, especially if you’ve taken a defensive stance and are healing yourself. 

Tips To Fight Vorkath

Many players seem to find Vorkath daunting, and well, he is. However, after you’ve slayed him the first couple of times and finally learned to counter his attacks, he’ll be easy money for you to grind to your wallet. So if you’re suited and booted and ready to take him on, here’s what you can do to kill him effectively:

  1. To counter Vorkath’s regular Dragonfire (orange in color), you need to take a Super Antifire potion and Anti-Dragon Shield/Dragonfire. This will completely render it useless and deal you no damage at all.
  1. For his venomous attack (green in color), make sure you’ve sipped an Anti-Venom potion. The effects of the potion last for three minutes, so if your fight goes longer than that, you’ll have to retake a sip.
  1. Vorkath’s pink Dragonfire attack will turn off your Prayers. Once he uses the attack, make sure to tap that Quick Prayer button on the top quickly, and you’ll be good to go. 
  1. Stay out of Vorkath’s melee range since you’ll be using the Crossbow to attack him. The Protect Against Missiles will significantly lower the damage you’ll receive from his ranged attacks, which are also his primary attacks. 
  1. As soon as you see Vorkath getting ready for the animation of spitting the Orange Fireball, you’ll have a couple of seconds to react. There’s no need to despair; all you need to do is click two tiles away from where you’re standing, and you’ll easily be able to dodge it.

With the above tips, you’ll easily be able to defeat Vorkath in no time. Repetitive kills will allow you to memorize his attacks, ultimately allowing you to finish him off entirely without even getting a scratch. 


While Vorkath will give you a run for your money, there’s no need to succumb to him. With our guide and your skills, we hope that you’ll have a better grasp of his mechanics and will be able to ace him in no time!

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