Apex Legends Movement: The “WASD” Way

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Since the beginning of FPS (First Person Shooter), we all gamers familiarized with the “WASD” keys to move our characters. Therefore, video games like the mythological DOOM introduced to many players this maneuvering with those specific keys on the keyboard. Due to its limitations, the game only allows moving in practically a two-dimensional plane, meaning that only those four keys were all you need to cross around the map without too much inconvenience. Afterward, with the aid of the peripheral simply called “mouse,” turning and aiming became less troublesome and more accurate.

Traveling a few years more in the Future and this genre became more involved with new gaming mechanics. As a result, these video games became more precise and with new acquisitions such as more dimensions to create a better immersion for the player. Consequently, with each year that passes by and new console generation that comes and goes, the FPS genre keeps growing with more gaming mechanics and better astonishing graphics.

Now, talking about the present, we can enjoy an entirely new video game for free. Furthermore, this doesn’t mean that the quality gets somehow “damaged” by this type of business. In contrast, we can enjoy new gaming mechanics that practically are even better than a full price triple “A” video game. Therefore, this time around, the new elements that the Apex Legends Movement come to the table are impressive and noteworthy.

Why is movement so crucial?

Due to the fast pace action, the controls in the FPS genre need to be “natural” to the player. In other words, you want to experience the same things along with the virtual character in the game. Similarly, you’re practically “inside the skin” of the starring character in a particular game, you discover things as it does and “feel” the pain as it does. Therefore, if danger goes your way between the game’s narrative, you need to have the tools to protect “yourself” from any danger that goes your way. As a result, for PC gamers, the “WASD” + Mouse combo feels somehow natural; with the keyboard, you can maneuver around the map and either go aggressive or defensive, depending on the situation. On the other hand (literally), you have the mouse to explore deeper and land your shots with precision.

Most noteworthy, when it comes to developing video games, there’s always a balance you need to consider between level design and character movement. Furthermore, if the symmetry gets broken and level design doesn’t click, the player may either feel like the game is too easy or too complicated. In contrast, when the character movement isn’t there, the player may lose the immersion instantly or find no challenge at all.

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How about the movement in Apex Legends?

Due to its level design, this gaming mechanic goes a little bit beyond the accustomed maneuvering in FPS. Therefore, in Apex Legends, the arena contains a lot of structures that take advantage of the vertical plane and includes large buildings where you can traverse. Similarly, to some “parkour” FPS in the past, you always feel the rush while you run and jump between obstacles around the battlefield as you hunt for more powerful weapons or unaware prays. Consequently, there’s no “stamina bar” that can keep your movements at bay, like for example, Skyrim does while you run. In contrast, when we talk about Apex Legends Movement, there are virtually no restrictions. Besides the regular walking, running, and jumping; this FPS video game also gives you better tools, such as:


While you’re running or walking through a downhill, you have the option to gain more momentum by pressing and holding the “crouching key.” As you do, your character will slide across the ground which in return, will give you more speed that can either help you in taking enemies by surprise or disengage when things aren’t going as expected.

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Zip Lines

Between the different structures in the game, you’ll probably see some “ropes” or zip lines that can give you easy access to much higher ground or a different part of the map. These tools can either be fully Vertical, Horizontal or Vertical. Consequently, the angle doesn’t give any impact to your movement while you ride across the yellow-ish rope.

Wall Climbing

There’s a neat trick that can help you traverse across some cliffs in the game as well. It seems that if you jump near a wall and keep the “jumping button” on hold, your character will try to climb a segment of a wall. If you do it correctly, the “Legend” will go up, reach the ledge and climb it.

Specific Abilities

Depending on the Legend you want to master, he/she/it may have additional mechanics that can give you more movement advantages within the arena. Unlike the skills above, these abilities usually have some cold-downs, which means that you have some restrictions for their use.

So Many Paths to Choose

With these amazing tools at your disposal, you have now a better chance to survive even further in a random match. Remember though, that for now, this is a squad-based game; meaning that the Apex Legends Movement can easily give you the opportunity to stay close and maneuver with your “buddies” as you fight with other squads to survive. At the same time, take advantage of the higher ground, especially if you find a Sniper Rifle and know how to use it.

If you already played a couple of matches, you probably know how “fast” the action can be. Occasionally, within the first minute, you’ll probably hear the notification that the first blood already took place. Likewise, some of your matches can even last less than five minutes where a lucky enemy somehow found better weapons and gave you a hard time. Most noteworthy, as the time goes by and you get more accustomed to the map, you’ll have better chances to survive even longer.

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