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Archeage: Different Ways to earn Archeage Gold in Auroria

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By | November 7th, 2014 | Categories: Others

Fair to say Archeage has been nothing short of a revelation since launching in September 2014. Players in their millions have been exploring Auroria; plundering treasures, sailing the high seas and claiming land to build their own guilds. With over 20 crafts and 120 unique class combinations, the is comes as little surprise that the latest addition to ‘sandbox’ games has proved so popular.

Archeage demands and encourages crafting and trade between players, creating a vibrant and busy user-driven economy which allows for users to earn currency in a variety of different ways. Archeage Gold is amongst the most popular and common types of in-game currencies. Whether you prefer to complete quests or slaughter hordes of monsters, gold can be found just about everywhere. However, certain methods are far more lucrative than others, and can dramatically cut down on grinding time.

Trade Packs

Trade packs are items unique to ArcheAge. By gathering goods found exclusively in certain parts of the game’s world, such as strawberries or tree bark, players can sell their trade packs at special NPC outposts all over the world. The farther the NPC is from the location of the goods, the more money in your pocket.

There are some downsides; lugging around expensive trade pack affects your walking speed making the whole process to find and carry tradepacks a little time consuming. And once you have them you are then susceptible to attack. You also need to remember that the prices for individual goods  fluctuate; you may receive less for tow identical packs at different times.


For players who want a bit more adventure in their lives, completing quests is another reliable way of making ArcheAge gold fast. Quests can be activated by talking to certain NPCs, joining certain classes or races, or simply checking signposts for daily assignments, among other methods. Upon completing a quest with gold as a listed reward, you will receive your prize instantly.


[ezcol_2third]For some players, good old-fashioned thievery or piracy is the best way to get gold. It offers the best effort-to-reward ratio you see!! The likelihood is that you will make a few enemies; players don’t take kindly to other players trying to steal their things, after all. But is saying that attacking a player and running away with their loot or surprising a player burdened by a trade pack can, potentially, net you some very valuable rewards.[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]

Pirate status requires 3,000 infamy points. [/ezcol_1third_end]

Theft is small cheese to some. Piracy is something different. Pirate status requires 3,000 infamy points. Seems like a pretty tall order but being to attack players and nab loot almost anywhere and at any time is a perk that comes with the job.

Good old fashioned PA trade.

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