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CSGO Trading Bots Instructions

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By | May 16th, 2017 | Categories: CSGO, Others

To provide a better user experience to our buyers and sellers of CSGO items, including skins, PlayerAuctions has added a new “CSGO Trading Bots” feature. Sellers just create offers; when an order is placed, the bots take care of the work. The delivery is instant and secure. More importantly, we’ve made a massive cut in fees for CSGO skins. Before it was $9.99 + $0.99; now it’s only a small fee of 4.99%. All right sellers, let’s dive in and manage CSGO offers with the new system.

1. How do I sell CS:GO Skins

a) Register for an account with PlayerAuctions: https://www.playerauctions.com/help/content/account-registration/
b) Go to “account settings” and register as a seller
c) Select the “offer creation” page, and choose “Items & Skins,” “CSGO.”
 CSGO Trading Bot
 d) You’ll be redirected to a customized page (input your Steam trade URL and press “Enter”).
 CSGO Trading Bot
 e) Your inventory should load in a few seconds. Once you’ve selected the items to trade, there’s an option for what selling price they should be. Please be advised that up to 10 items can be listed at a time.
 f) At the bottom of the page, click “Create Offer.”
 CSGO Trading Bot
 g) You’ll receive a trade offer on Steam from one of our trading bots
 h) Accept, and your skins will be listed on PlayerAuctions
 CSGO Trading Bot
 i) You’ll be notified via email when your item is purchased. Our trading bots will take care of the rest. Once your disbursement is up, you’ll receive your due automatically.

2. How do I edit the price?

 You can edit the price when our bot has your item (make sure that it hasn’t been sold, first)
 a) Click “Manage Offers”
 b) Select “Edit”
 c) Change the price
 d) Choose “Update Offer”
 CSGO Trading Bot

3. How can I get my skins back?

 If you decide to no longer sell your skins on PlayerAuctions, you can get your items back by doing the following:
a)  Go to your offer management panel
b) Click “Cancel” for each offer that you want to revoke
 CSGO Trading Bot
 c) You’ll receive a trade offer on Steam from one of our trading bots
 d) Accept, and you’ll find the item back in your inventory
 Note: If you refuse the trade offer or if you don’t respond within 5 minutes, the system will put the offer back on our listings.

4. Why do I have to give you my skins?

Without an item, we can’t automatically handle the purchase and trade of your skins. Why? Well, this helps to prevent liabilities for both buyers and sellers. You can always return any item to your Steam inventory if the skin hasn’t been sold.

5. How much are the fees?

PlayerAuctions charges a 4.99% fee on each item sold. You’ll only be charged a certain percentage of the order value for the disbursement payment. The charge depends on the payment method you’ve selected when you registered as a seller.

6. Do I need to do anything special to trade on PlayerAuctions?

 Set your Steam inventory to public.
 a) Go to Steam
 b) At the top bar, click your username
 c) Choose “Edit my Profile” (on the right)
 d) Select “My Privacy Settings”
 e) Set inventory to “Public”
 Note: Your account will require the “Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator” activated for more than 7 days. If you don’t have one, every trade will have a 15-day hold on Steam. PlayerAuctions will not be responsible for buyers having to wait a few days to receive an item. Please ensure to set up your Mobile Authenticator in advanced.

7. Where can I find my trade URL?

To trade on PlayerAuctions, please provide your Steam trade URL. Here’s how to find it:
a) Go to Steam
b) Click on your username (top bar)
 c) Choose “Trade Offers” (on the right)
 d) Select “Who can send me Trade Offers” (on the right)
 e) At the bottom of the page, there’s a section called “Third-Party Sites” with your trade URL

8. How long does it take to get a trade offer??

Instantly! If it takes longer than 15 minutes from the time you checked out or placed an item for sale, please submit a support ticket to support@playerauctions.com.

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