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E3 2016: All Things New In The Gaming World

By | June 17th, 2016 | Categories: Others

Once again, it’s that time of the year when gaming companies get us exited for what is to come. If you’re a long-time gamer, you already know what E3 2016 is: it’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Here are the highlights of the world’s biggest and most-anticipated game this year…

Microsoft / Xbox One

First off, there’s Xbox One/Microsoft, who have unveiled the upgraded version of their console: the Xbox One S in the E3 2016. It’s a sleeker and smaller Xbox One that can render 4K ultra HD for streamed content and 4K Blu-ray discs. Meaning the Xbox One S is perfect if you are into high-quality visuals for TV series and movies.  This, however, supports only video, as the console, unfortunately, doesn’t support 4K HD for gaming. In addition, the console has up to 2TB of storage, double what the current Xbox One has. Microsoft has also announced Project Scorpio. Not much is known yet about this ambitious undertaking, and it will be quite some time until it’s released. To be specific in late 2017 – but it’s already being dubbed by its makers as the most powerful console ever.

Microsoft’s upgraded versions of its console definitely deserve the hype, and was obviously given lots of air time. But it’s still the games that make the system, and Microsoft didn’t fall short with its latest exclusives. Such as Gears of War 4, Xbox’s critically acclaimed shooter franchise; Halo Wars 2, the exciting multiplayer iteration of the Halo series; and ReCore, a post-apocalyptic action-adventure platformer from Kenji Iwafune, the creator of Metroid.

Sony / PlayStation 4

If Xbox One’s focus was on hardware, PS4’s was on the games. Lots of them. Exclusives. Enough to make fans of other consoles want to head to their side. Check out some of these hot titles:

  • God of War – from the gameplay trailer, it seems that Kratos’s latest exploit, which is now set has incorporated open-world and exploration elements to the once-hack-and-slash game. And this time around, the “new” Greek god of war has sets his sights on the Norse pantheon.
  • The Last Guardian – a much-anticipated game by Fumito Ueda. That shares elements, themes, and aesthetics with his two critically acclaimed PS2 titles Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. Get ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime. As well as probably shed a few tears in this probably heartwarming boy and beast story.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – from the makers of Killzone comes this post-apocalyptic open-world action-roleplaying game which is akin to Monster Hunter. Save the fact that this one got cybernetic animals instead.
  • Resident Evil VII – one of the firsts and perhaps one of the most important pioneers in the horror genre is Resident Evil. And after 11 main series games and 13 spinoffs, it seems as if it’s going to go back to its roots, but in FPS style instead of the former third-person over-the shoulder perspective, and with a bit of Silent Hill inspiration.
  • Death Stranding – Hideo Kojima, the genius behind the Metal Gear series, is finally back. After being disgraced by Konami, he has come back with his own studio, Kojima Productions, and The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus for his newest and most obscure game yet. So, why is a naked Norman Reedus holding an invisible baby on an oil-spilled beach with dead whales and floating beings on the skyline? Nobody knows, but everyone seems to be stoked anyway.

Nintendo / 3DS and WiiU

Last but definitely not least would be Nintendo in the E3 2016, the game company whose focus is providing an enjoyable experience. And this year, their E3 presentation has been fun, just like years before. And you have to hand it to them for being able to make their exclusives as enjoyable, unique, and beautiful as ever. Three examples of the games they showcased are the following:

  • Ever Oasis (3DS) – think of it as a real-time action-adventure RPG plus Harvest Moon, but you’ll be running a desert-side oasis instead of a farm.
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon (3DS) – of course, how can Nintendo not have a presentation on the upcoming seventh and latest installments of their crazily successful and highly loved monster-catching franchise? This time around, players will be in the tropical Alola region, and will be given a choice between the owl-like Rowlet (Grass/Flying), cat-like Litten (Fire), and seal-like Popplio (Water).
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU/NX) – the ever-popular Legend of Zelda franchise’s latest future installment is a beautiful and vivid open-world action-adventure game with heavy puzzle elements and an intelligent combat system. And true enough with the title, the game’s visuals, which is obviously its biggest selling point, and the sense of exploration and openness this game has is a refreshing and epic take on the genre and the franchise.

All in all, it was an exciting E3 that got players from all genres and choice of console looking forward to the next few months until next year. So, are you ready for the awesome gaming things to come? You better be.

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