Easiest Bosses in Elden Ring

Easiest Bosses Elden Ring
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As a Soulsborne game developed by FromSoftware, bosses are no joke in Elden Ring; even carelessly wandering around and being overwhelmed with mobs can be fatal. Although a handful of bosses may look overwhelming, with the right gear, players can make them bend down their knees and wish for your mercy.

From over 100 boss encounters in Elden Ring, we will look into the Top 10 Easiest Bosses to provide a general overview of each boss and their locations. This list would be perfect for beginners trying to get into the game to gain some self-confidence in handling a boss, but this goes without saying. It will still take a few tries to get the hang of each boss. That said, pick up your weapons. It is time for them to fear you.

What are the Easiest Bosses in Elden Ring?

  1. Mimic Tear
    • Description: This particular boss is your doppelganger, a copy of whatever items you have on you. No one would know your character better than you do. This inferior copy would also reflect the strengths and limitations of your character. Fighting against the Mimic Tear is relatively similar to a PvP (Player versus Player) fight, nothing different from the move-set you already have; just analyze the attack patterns and time your parries, and you will show this boss is nothing compared to the original.
    • Location: Nokron, Eternal City, behind a mist door of the temple ruin.
  1. Fia’s Champions
    • Description: Fia’s Champions ups the challenge with five enemies, but it doesn’t stay away from the Mimic Tear. Don’t feel afraid to tackle any of them; with timely dodges when multiple Champions appear and slashing your way, their brittle health bar will pay your way to victory.
    • Location: Deeproot Depths, through a tunnel near “Across the Roots” site of grace.
  1. Regal Ancestor Spirit
    • Description: A giant deer-like creature that you face in its dream plane; just dodge around as its attacks; it has a long wind-up headbutting you. Practice a few times, and you will get a winning strategy. Its Regal variant heals itself, but the attack patterns are the same.
    • Location: Nokron, Eternal City. Light up the six obelisks on the Hallowhorn Grounds.
  1. Magma Wyrm
    • Description: A dragon with different variants and lava attacks may seem like its AoE (Area of Effect) is terrifying, but dodge the other way, and this excuse of a dragon will just seem like a worm with wings. Taking it on from its sides will be the best tactic. The Great Wyrm Theordorix variant will make him stand up and use his sword before barfing on it for some extra damage, but once you get him to stagger, it will be your opportunity to teach him a lesson.
    • Location:
      • First Variant: Gael tunnel, head straight at the very end.
      • Second Variant: Lava Lake south of Fort Laiedd
      • Third Variant: Lava lake in Volcano Manor
      • Fourth Variant: Ruin-Strewn Precipice
      • Firth Variant: Frozen River north of Albinauric Rise in Consecrated Snowfield.
  1. Leonine Misbegotten
    • Description: Normally, this little guy has some help with him, but when facing him on a 1v1 with heavy weapons, the poor thing is staggerable. Despite high aggression and closing the distance between the player and him, pushing this little guy around to the point, Leonine Misbegotten needs to recover and deal as much damage as possible.
    • Location: Southwestern Castle Morne shores, waiting at the Weeping Peninsula.
  1. Flying Dragon Agheel
    • Description: A dragon whose move set is heavily based on mobility, this boss won’t be able to catch up to you if you ride Torrent the Spirit Steed. Avoid facing it head-on and try to go for its wings and sides, but do avoid any fire attacks or its 360° spins.
    • Location: Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave at the center of Agheel Lake.
  1. Sir Gideon Offnir, The All Knowing
    • Description: This so-called “All-Knowing” does not know what is in store for him when you take this guy down. Inflicting some bleed damage will help you out here. Do not be afraid of the fireworks of sorcery that he is showing off; just dodge them and find your opening. He won’t keep you from becoming the new Elden Lord.
    • Location: Leyndell, Capital of Ash, close to the Stake of Marika.
  1. Astel
    • Description: Using its size, great speed, and gravity AoE, most of these attacks are well-paced, and due to its size, there is always something to hit. When Astel teleports, take the opportunity to back away and regroup to heal if needed.
    • Location: Scarlet Rot, close to a small river near the Grand Cloister site of Grace.
  1. Dragonkin Soldier
    • Description: A mummy-like creature should have stayed in its grave because roll spam or sprinting its electric attacks is relatively easy, although it would be better to sprint to close the gap between you and this boss. A warning, though, do not try to attack it when it is down; attacking this foe would be an instinct of most players. Keep your distance, as this will be followed up by spamming an attack on the ground. You can ride Torrent to zoom past its long arms. A timed hit would every time you run past him will defeat him.
    • Location: Siofra River and Lake of Rot.
  1. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
    • Description: This Queen has to hide behind her mini-mobs to face you, and you will prove that she needs them. After taking the mobs out, she will fall to the ground and let her face swift punishment. Do not get greedy, as she will recharge and launch her attacks. Avoid getting hit by her spells, as Rennala does give heavy damage. Repeat this a few more times, and she will bow to you for mercy.
    • Location:  Liurnia of the Lakes, found in the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Enjoy Farming Bosses in Elden Ring!

Now that you have read through the list, you have the information to defeat these enemies. The game does take patience, enemy analysis, item management, and plenty of rolls and sprints. Soon you will become the Elden Lord, and nothing can stop you. Take a tight grip on your sword and shield and prepare for any dangers you might face.

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