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Elder Scrolls – Tamriel Unlimited Buzz

By | March 9th, 2016 | Categories: Others

The Elder Scrolls Online, which is a MMORPG developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, had initially received mixed reviews from the public. However, after re-branding it as The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited and removing the subscription requirements the game was viewed in a much more positive light.

Players praised the game’s new design, TESO for scrapping the subscription fees, the equipment dyeing system and many other elements of the game .

However, there were a few negative reviews. A common complaint was about the subscription issue, where players were unable to activate the complimentary month included with their purchase until they had set up and paid a one month subscription. The game was also criticised for an excess of bugs, the separation of players from the groups and its Veteran Progression System.

“With The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, ZeniMax Online Studios has crafted a virtual playground of great scale and beauty, but you’re always one second away from seeing the skeleton beneath the game’s shimmering fantasy facade.” – Don Saas

However, we have to give ZeniMax credit for responding too and fixing many of the game’s early criticisms.

Expansion packs

In addition, ZeniMax has also released multiple expansion packs – the latest one Thieves Guild was released 2 days ago. So the question on everyone’s lips is what’s the deal with this new expansion pack? Literally, everyone is running around and getting their knickers in a twist. Well let’s take a minute to de-escalate the situation.

The Thieves Guild expansion pack is set in Hew’s Bane, which is a peninsula. It adds locations  no one has seen before, such as Abah’s Bane, which is the home of the Thieves Guild. The publisher has described Abah’s Bane as – and I quote – “one of the most elaborate cities in The Elder Scroll Online.”

Maw of Lorkhai

Sounds exciting? I’m not done yet. This DLC adds a brand new 12-player trial adventure called the Maw of Lorkhai, which boasts new enemies, ghostly places to explore and tons of treasure.

With all the cool stuff to do it’s easy to see this new expansion pack will keep us entertained for hours. But the real question is, is it worth spending 2000 crowns on (for those of you who do not have an active Elder Scrolls Online Plus membership)?

Well I did come across a few complaints about players not wanting to pay for the new expansion pack.

“I used to love this game, but I think if they’re going to release guild content like this or the dark brotherhood it should be free. I’m all for paying for new zones and stuff, but locking skill trees behind a pay wall should not be the way they should go about releasing DLC.”
– Mr Ayrawn

But all in all, I would say that Thieves Guild is not only for people interested in larceny. There is a great story behind it, with corrupt merchants and government officials which will  draw players in. So there is definitely something for everyone. If you need any help with the game, check out the Elder Scrolls Gold supplier here.

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