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FFXIV Jobs that are Noob-Friendly

By | September 25th, 2019 | Categories: FFXIV, Others

For the past few weeks, the FFXIV community has been booming thanks to the release of the new expansion, Shadowbringers. As such, there’s a host of new players trickling in to find out what the fuss is all about—and that includes you since you’re reading this! If you’re an MMO fan, then classes or jobs aren’t exactly out of the ordinary in the genre. But the skill ceiling is different for each game, and that includes FFXIV. Figuring out which class you’ll want for this expansion is crucial to the overall FF experience, since each job has its own unique sense of style and gameplay. Don’t fret, because we’re here to help and break down which jobs are the best for beginners!

All jobs may seem easy… at first!

Until you hit level 50, all of the classes start off easy and quite frankly, have a brain dead feel to them. This is what’s great about FFXIV as it is designed to let you ease your way at the start so you can learn the complexity of playing an MMORPG. However, the jobs gradually grow more complicated. Practice is the key here, and as long as you read your tooltips and adjust to the play style to cater to the specific job you’ve chosen, then you’ll be fine. If you don’t like your job or find it too hard, you can always switch classes.

Conjurer & White Mage

The Conjurer/White Mage job is as straightforward as healers get. With simple point and click healing and easy damage rotation, you won’t have a hard time mastering this job. While many people say that the healing class has been dumbed down in the Shadowbringers expansion, the fact is it’s still a great job to welcome players who have never played MMOs before. With easy DPS-ing and heals, it’s pretty much smooth sailing to your journey to the endgame.

Paladin & Warrior

While many people often go to the Conjurer/White Mage route, other alternative jobs are just as noob-friendly. Take the Paladin and Warrior class for example (transforming into Gladiator and Marauder respectively). These classes are known for being extremely easy to get into and master skill-wise. Tanks, in general, tend to be more lenient on its players. The Paladin is notably one of the more forgiving tank classes due to their survivability. If you’re going to dungeons or do other group-related duties, you’ll also have a shorter queue time than other classes, thanks to the class’ high demand in parties.


The Archer is a ranged physical DPS job that’s perfect for beginners who prefer to deal damage in the easiest way possible. Most of your actions are insta-casts and you’ll also have unlimited mobility without any set rotation! While the job may be simple, it gives you a lot of stuff early on in the game for you to learn the fundamentals, like damage overtime spells and attacks that are separate from the global cooldown. The job builds up its complexity by adding dots, procs, and more to get you adapted to playing at higher level quests. Overall, it’s one of those classes that are easy to pick up yet hard to master.

In a nutshell

It all comes down to what you prefer. By covering which jobs are best for beginners in each class, we hope that we’ve helped you get to the tip of the iceberg since there are so many jobs in FFXIV. Choosing the wrong one at the start can hinder your overall experience. Luckily, you can change all that once you’ve hit level 10 to switch to a new one.

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