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FFXIV Mining Guide

FFXIV Mining Guide
By | December 17th, 2019 | Categories: FFXIV, Others

Are you tired of the Botany class? Perhaps you’re trying to find a secondary class to take to avoid boredom? If so, then mining could be the perfect way for you to earn more money! Miners are related to other crafting classes like Blacksmiths, Goldsmiths, and Armorers. The only difference is that miners simply gather the resources from areas such as mines and mountains, while the other three classes actually use the materials they’ve acquired to make equipment or accessories out of them. If you want to know more about what it takes to actually be a miner, then our FFXIV Mining guide is just for you. So get your hard hats and let’s get to it!

How do I unlock the Mining Class in FFXIV?

To become a miner, you must first be at least level 10 on the Disciple of War or Magic. When you manage to check that off your list, you will need to head to the Miner’s Guild. Once inside, talk to Ul’dag who will then tell you to go to the receptionist of the guild to start your first quest into becoming a miner. After completing the bunch of quests that have been given to you, you’re now officially a miner!

What are the most benefitting crafting classes from Mining in FFXIV?

Compared to other classes, tanks gain the most benefit out of all when it comes to mining. The reason being is that tanks, like the Paladin, Dark Knight, and Warrior all have one thing in common: they wear heavy armor and use weapons that are forged with steel, iron, and so on. Having access to ores and knowing how to harvest them not only serves as a great way to save some Gil, but also to outfit the equipment they want since they already have the materials they need. Most miners become blacksmiths in the long run since they just go so well together. Overall, the tank class is the one that truly maximizes the potential of the mining class.

What are Miner skills and traits that are useful?

Miners have some advanced skills and traits that can prove useful even in normal situations. A great example would the ability called “Sharp Vision”. With no cooldown, it increases your chance to obtain items when you’re gathering. The chance to get items will increase by percentage and will go in tow together with your class level. At the start, you’ll only get to have a 5%, but once you’ve gained enough levels, your chances will increase to 50%.

Where to find Mining nodes in FFXIV?

Mining nodes are located all over Eorzea, from the Central Thanalan zone down to the Lower La Noscea. There are two types of mining nodes that you can interact with: Mineral Deposits and Rocky Outcrops. To interact with a Mineral Deposit, you can simply use your pick-axe to get some ores. For Rocky Outcrops, the secondary tool, the sledgehammer, is the one that you should use.

Is Mining worth getting into?

Overall, Mining is worth trying not just for the tank class, but for other classes as well. Although being a miner means you have to undergo a huge amount of tasks in order to fully master your craft, the rewards you will reap will make the ordeal worth it. Hopefully, our FFXIV Mining guide has helped you with that. With just a pick-axe and sledgehammer, you can easily make millions or craft the perfect weapon. What’s more, having the knowledge of what ores each Mining Node offers can help you out a lot if you ever run out of materials to work with.

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