How to Get Skins in Overwatch

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For those of you who play Overwatch regularly, this will be a skip. But for you newer players who are trying to figure out How to Get Skins in Overwatch, we’re going to cover the various methods here. Most of the stuff comes down to “pay money or play the game,” but there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of your time!

Where do I get Skins? And what do they give me?

First off, skins give you absolutely no benefit. They are simply cosmetic differences on your character. You can dress Reaper up in a Halloween outfit, but he still shoots the same bullets that do the same damage. There isn’t any way to modify your stats in Overwatch, everything you get from crates is purely for enjoyment and customization. The best way to treat them is as a reward for playing. That way you won’t dump a ton of money on the game to earn them upfront, and you have something to look forward to as you sink more time into the game.

So how do you get skins? Skins are random rewards from the loot crates that you are awarded for various actions within the game. You can also purchase them. Inside the loot crate, you are given four items which are either cosmetic or just plain currency. If you open a cosmetic you already own it is converted to currency (at a reduced rate). You can use the currency you get from loot boxes to buy specific skins.

What’s the easiest way to get Skins?

The easiest way to get loot crates is, quite simply, to purchase them using real money. Although you aren’t guaranteed anything extra for buying them, it’s the fastest way to open a ton of crates. If you keep your eyes peeled you can often find deals where you get a golden crate or something else special if you spend a certain amount of money. You’ll almost always be better off waiting for an event of some sort since there are often times little goodies to promote you spending real money.

If you don’t want to spend real money then there isn’t any easy way to amass a large amount of crates. There are definitely ways to earn crates, but the point isn’t to get many at once. As long as you keep playing you’ll keep earning crates, and soon enough you’ll find everything you need. Don’t feel like you are ever required to spend money on Overwatch, the easiest way to get skins is just to keep playing. Of course, you do have ways to earn more crates during normal play, which we will cover.

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How do I get crates by playing?

You can get crates in two ways by playing. The first is by leveling up. Every time you gain a level you will earn one loot crate. We wrote an entire article about how to level up fast which can be found here. But just know that as long as you’re playing Overwatch, you’ll be earning loot crates.

The second method is through arcade and events. Every week you can earn at least three crates by winning nine games of arcade. There are also certain random events in arcade that will give you one crate for winning them the first time. This way you can easily earn yourself three or more crates for a handful of games. There are also events occasionally that will allow you to earn crates through other means, although these events are few and far between.

How can I get a specific Skin?

If you want a specific skin you won’t be able to target farm them by opening crates. However, this is where the currency that you up and get from duplicates comes into play. You can go into a character’s skin list and purchase any currently available skin at any time using your extra currency. This way you can work towards specific skins as well as generic loot boxes simultaneously. There isn’t any way to farm a specific skin other than simply opening a lot of loot boxes, which may frustrate some people. However, it’s a great way for Blizzard to add longevity to the novelty of the loot system.

There are a bunch of skins that aren’t available at any given time. Most events come with a few skins that you can only purchase during the event, which are then locked. The only way to get these skins after they are locked is to wait until another event that unlocks them. The annual Overwatch anniversary events have so far been times when all skins were available for purchase – although many of the event skins are far more expensive than their traditional counterparts.

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What’s the point of Skins?

There’s no point to skins! Or rather, the point of skins is to enjoy them for yourself. If you don’t care about cosmetics then you aren’t forced to engage with the system in any way. If you do enjoy it then you can live for those weekly arcade boxes and the hopes of getting something that looks amazing. The skins are right alongside sprays, voice lines, and avatars in terms of their uselessness. But they are fun to collect and add longevity and enjoyment for many players. Whether you want that specific skin, or every skin, or even every single cosmetic for a hero, there’s something for you to do.

Are there any other cosmetics?

There is one other way to get cosmetics in Overwatch. You earn points from playing ranked games. You’ll earn a big bonus at the end of the season as well, depending on how high you progressed. These points can be used to buy a golden weapon for any hero of your choosing. Just like the other skins, this doesn’t affect gameplay in any way. It’s just a fun way to show off your commitment to Overwatch and your hero!

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