Kritika Online: The Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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What’s better than a regular MMORPG you might ask? Well, one that looks like you’re playing a gorgeous anime, that’s what! It’s time to talk about Kritika Online. Do you enjoy MMOs? Do you also enjoy anime? How about quirky characters? Do you prefer MMOs that are more “pick up and play” than the typical run of the mill ones that take FOREVER just to do one quest? Then I do believe Kritika Online is the game for you. Released by En Masse (the great people behind the MMO Tera), Kritika brings us a unique, cel-shaded art style, along with awesome beat-’em-up action, and some cool combo moves.

There are quite a few tidbits that some of you out there playing Kritika may not know. Trust me, these tips are worth knowing. We’ve collected eight excellent need-to-know tips and tricks for playing Kritika Online the best way you can. Shall we get started?

The Awesome 8

  1. Auto-Attack. Did you know that you can auto-attack in the game? When playing the Raging Berserker, you click on your left mouse button way more than you ever should, but if you hold down the left mouse button, it will cause your character to auto-attack. To turn it on, go to skill menu (press K) and then on the lower portion, you can check the auto-attack mode.
  2. VIP Membership Stacks. No need to store all of your memberships in your inventory and take up room. Why? Well, you can use them all at once and still get every little last drop of them.
  3. Get the Best Title. Check your current title >PvP Title > Challenge > Super Energy Charge. This title will give you 2.5% attack speed and a 1.8% damage rating. Best of all, this title is super easy to unlock. All you have to do is to participate in PvP and use TAB (EX) 100 times.
  4. Boost Your CP for Arena. Boost your CP as soon as you can in the game so that you can access a better opponent in Arena with even better rewards. Did you know you can temporarily fake your CP levels? To boost your combat power, use strength and speed potions to take advantage of the fatigue buffs in-game. Make sure to do your Arena when you have zero FTG to get the best stats boost in the fatigue system.
  5. Earn Lots of EP with the Awakening Quest. For those who still have the Awakening skill quest. Once you do these quests, you’ll start getting higher level monsters, which leads to more EP. The best thing with the Awakening quests is that you can play it on easy stage (4-5 sectors) to run.
  6. Keep Track of FTG Usage Per Day. We all know that FTG is coming to some players delayed and is causing some to complain. Well, one way to find out if you’re getting compensated or not are to use the guild system points. Every 1 stamina is equal to 1 guild point, plus 100 guild points for logging in daily. To stay as a normal player (non-VIP) with no events, you can make 170 guild points every day.
  7. Get Quests Based on Your Location. As you reach level 60+, there are lots of quests, including daily quests, and you can’t fit it in your list without moving around other quests. It’s good to drop all quests and get them only based on your location.
  8. Merging Your Items. We all know that the inventory slots are very limited in-game, so here’s a nifty trick that will merge your items and make more room. You’ll need to open your vault and then put the same item in your vault. Then, put it back into your inventory. Afterward, you’ll see that both items are merged in your inventory. With this trick, you can sort your inventory and vault systematically!

What trick(s) will you implement when playing Kritika Online?

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