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The Buzz on Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018

Overwatch Halloween Terror
By | October 18th, 2018 | Categories: Others

It’s that time of year, the Overwatch Halloween Terror event has returned! For the last few weeks of October, there will be spooky Halloween themed skins and events taking place. To kick it off, log in and get your free Halloween loot box and emote!

What’s about with new Skins for Overwatch Halloween Terror this year?

Sure there’s a bunch of stuff, but let’s be real, you’re here for the new skins. Well, you’re in luck! This time around they have released nine new skins.

  • Legendary skins: Moira, Sombra, Pharah
  • Epic skins: McCree, Widowmaker, and Mai
  • Wrecking Ball, Soldier: 76, and Doomfic

Personally, I really like the new Moira skin. However, the legendaries are all valued at 3000, unfortunately.

They are also reactivating the Halloween skins from previous years. This means you can once again get access to great skins such as Dragon Symetra, Cultist Zenyatta, and Pumpkin Reaper, along with many others. Take your opportunity to purchase them before they go away for another year!

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What else is new?

There are a handful of other new things as well. There’s a new epic highlight intro for Winston and Reinhardt, as well as a new epic emote for Bastion. Once again all of the highlight intros and emotes from prior years are also on sale once more. There are also a handful of new victory poses, voice lines, and sprays for a wide variety of champions.

I highly suggest you make use of the “What’s New” button in the Hero Gallery in order to properly see all the newly added content without having to go through each hero individually. The poses, lines, and sprays, in particular, are plentiful and cheap, so you’ll likely find a few that are worth buying!

They have also made several of the maps spooky for Halloween. The maps adjusted are Chateau Guillard, Eichenwalde, and Hollywood. They have all been made spooky and cobwebby in order to properly represent the terror that comes along with so many new skins and emotes.

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How about new adventures?

If you’ve played in previous years, or during the anniversary events, you probably remember Junkenstein’s Revenge. Well, either way, it’s back. In Junkensteins revenge you are paired with three other players and each can choose one of the four offered champions. You then face off against wave after wave of training dummies. Eventually, some opposing heroes will appear, with absolutely massive health pools and quite potent damage. Throughout the dummies and heroes, you’ll also have to keep an eye out for any stray Junkratultimates flying past, since anything getting to the door behind you can spell defeat. If you can succeed you’ll be awarded loot boxes depending on which type you do. There’s also an infinite mode to explore. Grab some friends and see how many waves you can complete!

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What about the shop?

Because of the Halloween event, there are new spooky loot boxes as well! Shaped like Jack-o-lanterns they contain all of the traditional loot as well as all of the above mentioned Halloween event loot. Due to the event’s presence, they have brought back their customary event deal of getting an extra 10 boxes for free when you buy 50 boxes. This is around for most events, so unless you specifically want something from this event I wouldn’t bother. Many of the others have a golden loot box that comes with the 50 boxes as well.

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The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is fairly small this year. They’ve brought back their old Halloween event with the infinite mode, as well as many old skins. They’ve also released quite a few new cosmetics, which is the true appeal of the event. I personally would stick to buying older skins since they are cheaper and – in my opinion – much nicer. There is the typical event deal on buying loot boxes, without anything special specifically for this event. All in all, this is an event about cosmetics, so if you have money to waste and want a few new skins, go crazy!

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