Steam Account Buyer and Seller Guides

By | March 21st, 2016 | Categories: Others

Buyer Guide

Want to buy a Steam account that is already packed with the games you want? PlayerAuctions has made the process simpler for you. Follow the steps below over at our Steam Page and you’ll be gaming with Steam in no time…

1. Click the Steam Button on our Home-page Ribbon


2. Sort the offers using a variety of filters:


3. In the search bar, start typing a game you want your account to include. Select it from auto-complete, and click ‘Add Game’:


4. The offer listing will only show the accounts with the selected games. (The “Steam Price” is the full price for the game(s) on Steam. The “Steam Price With Sales” is the lowest recorded price on Steam we have.)


5. Add more games to refine your search or remove games from your filter by clicking the game name:


6. Select your preferred account and buy!


Any that’s it! If you have any issues then get in touch with customer support – here – or drop us an email at

Seller Guide

Want to sell an account on Steam? PlayerAuctions has simplified this process too. Just follow the steps below...

1. After signing-in click “Sell now” at the top of your page:


2. Select “Account” in the Product section, and “Steam” in the Market section.


3. A new Steam Account section will appear below the game account identification section. Follow the instructions and we will be able to pull the public game list and account ban status for you.


4. Finish the rest of the offer as you normally would, and view your offer on the Steam offer listing page!

It’s that simple. If you have any issues with selling your Steam account then get in touch with customer support – here – or drop us an email at

Many thanks – PA Team

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