Atlas Farming in Path of Exile 3.16: Scourge

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Farming in 3.16 Scourge

Exiles who have completed the story and progressed through the Atlas are able to start focusing on generating wealth. With this handy walkthrough of various ways to farm ingame currency, you’ll be able to buy upgrades and pursue more difficult content.

The following guides will cover each of the regions of the Atlas. You will be able to do all these methods no matter how new or experienced you are to Wraeclast. The only requirement is a decent build and to have progressed a solid portion of your Atlas, as you will need access to your Atlas passives.

Haewark Hamlet Essence Farming

Haewark Hamlet is the region to the top left of our Atlas.

Atlas Passive Points:

  • Controlled Corruption
  • Amplified

Before we start, we can also get any of the ritual and harvest nodes for further profits. This is not necessary, but it is additional income to our farming. Players will find these are the simplest nodes to run when farming essences, as they don’t require much thinking.

On top of having these passive points, you’ll need to have unlocked the Zana Map Mod Essence. This adds 3 essences nodes into each of your maps in unison with the Maven Atlas passive.

This farming route will yield players an abundance of essences to sell to other players, who wish to use them for crafting. A single essence can get up to 25 Orbs of Chaos depending on the type. More commonly they will be worth several Chaos Orbs each and may fetch more if you find a bulk buyer.

Essences come in tiers.

  • Tier 8 Corrupted Essences (Insanity, Horror, Delirium and Hysteria)
  • Tier 7 Deafening Essences
  • Tier 6 Shrieking Essences
  • Tier 5 Screaming Essences
  • Tier 4 Wailing Essences
  • Tier 3 Weeping Essences
  • Tier 2 Muttering Essences
  • Tier 1 Whispering Essences

The most valuable essences, the 4 types of corrupted essences, are only found by upgrading an essence node. Exiles can slam a node with a Remnant of Corruption to get higher tiers of essences. Remnants of Corruption may be found in an essence node or purchased from other players through trade. These are handy to have when a player comes across a node containing multiple shrieking tier essences or any of the purple essences.

Once a player has accumulated a bunch of essences and the time to sell has come. You can either make your essence tab public if you have purchased one or place them in one of your premium tabs to sell. Now that you are organized, it’s time to find the price for each of the essences. You can go on Path of Exile trade website or one of the third-party websites that collate pricing data. If you are in no rush to get your profits, you can seek more money for larger stacks as other exiles will pay a premium to have to trade less. On the official trade website, you can look up your essence of choice and put a minimum stack value to see what is currently available. Now just put a competitive price on your essence and wait for a buyer to message you.

Lira Arthain Breach Farming

This Atlas region is found in the bottom right.

Atlas Passive Points:

  • Gatekeepers
  • Flash Breach
  • Within Their Grasp

In this region we will be farming the Breach mechanic, as with these passive nodes we can effectively utilise the Zana map mod for Breach. This map mod will introduce a Breach into our map each time we activate it, and this can be further enhanced by applying Scarabs to our map device when opening our map. Each tier of Scarab adds one additional Breach into the map zone, allowing for us to farm even more currency.

By farming this league mechanic, we will be receiving large amounts of Breachstones to sell to other players. Chayula Breachstones are worth the most, as players will upgrade them for late game leveling. You have a chance at getting a Breach unique while farming this mechanic such as The Surrender, which is worth 120 orbs of chaos!

Valdo’s Rest Blight Farming

Valdo’s Rest is the top right region of the Atlas.

Atlas Passive Points:

  • Spores on the Wind
  • Epidemiology
  • Immune Response

Much further into Atlas progression, exiles will have unlocked the Zana Map Mod “Blight.” In conjunction with the Atlas passive points, players can create vast amounts of wealth by farming this league mechanic. Profit will come from generic monster loot because of the increased density of mobs, which will drop Blight maps and Blight items such as oils. Players can choose to sell on their Blighted maps to other players or dare to take on the challenge for a chance at more profit.

No matter what your favorite map is, there is a region out there to generate an abundance of wealth for you and your characters. Each of these methods play very differently, so Exiles can spice up their grind by trying them all out.

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