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Crafting in PoE: I Made a Thing

Crafting in POE
By | November 30th, 2017 | Categories: Path of Exile

Greetings Exiles! Doc. Moo here again with another guide to aid you in your adventures through Wraeclast. This will be a 3 part series starting with the basics of crafting, moving through into making a profit and finishing off with Meta Crafting in PoE.

DISCLAIMER – Unless you are SSF in a fresh league or not interested in trading, crafting to just smooth out resistances and defences early on will nearly always wind up being more expensive than just using poe.trade or the POE Trade website.

What is Crafting in POE?

Crafting in POE could slip under the radar for many newer players as it is nothing like traditional RPG’s. There are no anvils or black smith hammers, no mining nodes or profession skills.

Instead, we use the various Orbs we find to “roll” the affixes on an item. These Orbs also double as our accumulated wealth, so Crafting in POE is always a gamble.

Orbs: What Are They and How to Use Them?

For the first part of this series we will only touch on a few of the more basic Orbs. I will break them up into three categories based on the level of item rarity they interact with, Magic, Rare, and Misc (everything).

Poeaffix.net is an invaluable resource when crafting to see possible affixes on each type of item and how high they can roll based on the items level which can be seen by holding alt while moused over the link.

Magic Based Orb’s

  • Transmutation – Reforge a Normal item to Magic with 1-2 affixes (1 prefix & 1 suffix max).
  • Alteration – Reforge the current affixes on a Magic item with new ones (can re roll with 2).
  • Augmentation – Adds an affix to a Magic item (max 2 affixes).

Rare Based Orb’s

  • Alchemy – Reforge a Normal item to Rare with 4-6 affixes. These generally will not be used to craft unless you are just trying your luck (3 prefixes & 3 suffixes max).
  • Chaos – Replaces the current properties on a Rare item with new ones (can roll 4-6 new affixes).
  • Regal – Upgrades a Magic item to Rare. Doing so will keep the original 1-2 affixes while bringing the total to a possible 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes.
  • Scour – Removes ALL properties from an item, reverting it to its Normal (white) base.

Misc Orb’s

  • Chromatic – Reforges the colors and item’s sockets. The RNG in deciding the colors is based on the items required core stats.
  • Relevant Vorici Prices – To see the most currency efficient way to recolor using Vorici, head over to the Vorici Calculator.
  • Blacksmith Whetstone/Armorer’s Scraps – Increases the quality of weapons/armour up to a maximum of 20%. This is very important as it has been reported that a higher quality slightly pulls RNG in favor of the best possible roll/maximum links.

Jeweler’s Orb

It reforges the number of sockets on an item. I believe my personal average for 6 sockets is close to 150 Jeweler’s and as a result never use Vorici to socket my own items.

  • Relevant Vorici Prices
    • 4 sockets = 10 Jeweler’s (1.2 Chaos)
    • 5 sockets = 70 Jeweler’s (8.75 Chaos)
    • 6 sockets = 350 Jeweler’s (43.75 Chaos)

Orb of Fusing

The orb reforges the number of links on an item. The community reports an average of 1200 Fuses to link, however, I myself have spent upwards of 2500 on occasion. I would never use Vorici to link an item over 4 Links. Buying a 5L is almost always going to be cheaper than doing it yourself.

  • Relevant Vorici Prices
    • 4 Links = 5 Fuses (2.5 Chaos)
    • 5 Links = 150 Fuses (75 Chaos)
    • 6 Links = 1500 Fuses (750 Chaos)

Items: What to Use As Your Base

When deciding on your base for crafting, look at the required core stats for coloring sockets.

  • Strength – favors Armour and red sockets
  • Intelligence – favors Energy Shield blue sockets
  • Dexterity – favors Evasion and green sockets

The item level of your base will determine how low or high your affixes can roll. You can see an item’s level by holding ALT while moused over. Once again, head over to http://poeaffix.net/ to get a clear idea on what you need.

The Method Behind the Madness

I will provide a very basic flowchart below outlining an easy to read and understand process of attaining the affixes you want. Keep in mind that the Orbs you are using to smooth out early defences are also your wealth, so unless you are playing SSF make sure you aren’t gambling your currency away.

Algorithm Crafting in POE

As this is bare basics, I advise to only be doing this on Helm, Gloves, Shield, Amulet, Rings and Belt. The others require significantly more RNG, such as Chest and Boots (you need movement speed on here otherwise it’s a waste), and you aren’t advised unless it is a 5 Link and when crafting Weapons there is far more involved to get something worthwhile.

If you used a Regal Orb and it did not succeed you have now probably spent close to 2 Chaos. If your Regal was a success you have not only smoothed out your characters defences but also made a potential 10+ Chaos depending on where you are in the league and the item base you have used.

We Did It: We Made A Thing!

If you have made it this far I am hoping you now have a nice shiny new item you have hand crafted to round off some of your characters weaknesses and gathered some knowledge to help you in future endeavours.

Crafting is a lot of fun and my preferred way to play. The risk and reward is utterly addictive! Trading serves as a means for me to obtain build enabling uniques rather than fill in my characters gaps and as a result I end up enjoying each league for much longer than my friends and guild-mates.

Part 2 will dive deeper following on what we have learned here and expand on the Flow Chart so that you can generate some currency with little effort.

Until next time, stay safe out there Exiles!

-Doc. Moo

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