How to Quickly Scourge Maps in Path of Exile 3.16

PoE Map Scourging Guide
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A Guide to Scourge Maps

Scourging maps is one of the most profitable and consistent money-making methods in the Path of Exiles’ latest challenge league, 3.16 “Scourge.” The mechanic allows Exiles to corrupt maps multiple times, applying additional modifiers to their map. Modifiers such as rare scourge monsters drop currency, scarabs, splinters, and much more generate vast amounts of wealth. 

Another beneficial element to this end gaming farming strategy is that players can set their own difficulty when they select a map to Scourge on as harder maps are only marginally better. This means most builds are able to participate in this activity, although speed and area of effectiveness play a big factor in getting greater returns from your investment. 

Build Requirements

Bows and high movement speed builds will be able to clear entire maps with less time and greater efficiency. As we are trying to kill all the rare scourge mobs for profit, it may be beneficial to set up a dedicated character for this farming strategy if your current builds are not up for the task. It is well worth investing the time to level up a second character if it means faster clearing as this accelerates our income.

Currently I am running a Lightning Strike Raider, which we have a guide up for if you like the strike play style, which incorporates massive projectile clear. This is a perfect example of a fast build that can clear entire screens worth of Scourge to juice up your crucible. This will be crucial to producing more scourged maps to run.

The only requirement is having a map slot in your crucible open. Although it is strongly recommended, we unlock and upgrade the following in order of importance:

  1. Fervent Dreams – Maps absorb 25% more corruption
  2. Warped Sluice – More corruption while doing Scourged Maps
  3. Restless Nightmares – Able to scourge 2 maps at once
  4. Strange Forces – Chance to grant additional beneficial modifier

Ideally you have them all unlocked or at the very least working towards Restless Nightmares which is unlocked when your crucible hits level 41. 

Pick any map that’s half the tier you are currently doing, as it will lead to a smoother experience when it comes to running the scourged map. Chisel it to 20% quality and slam an Orb of Alchemy on it. If you can run the mods, then put it in your Crucible, ready to start baking in corruption. Otherwise reroll the mods with an Orb of Chaos until you can run the map before putting it in your crucible. If you have a second slot for an additional map repeat these steps to get a second map scourging.

How to Run Maps to Get the Most Corruption

Players can opt to map normally and accumulate scourge maps over time however there are faster ways to accumulate more corruption faster. Exiles need to juice their maps full of pack size by utilizing different Atlas mechanics. To start, select a map-tier you’re comfortable doing and if you prefer to, you can choose a layout you like. Now chisel it or harvest craft it to 20% quality followed by an Orb of Alchemy to turn it rare. Examine the mods to ensure your build is able to run the map still and if that is not the case you can hit it with an Orb of Chaos or Orb of Scouring and start again. 

The map is ready to go, we can add it to the map device and continue to the next step before opening the map which is adding scarabs. Scarabs add league mechanics into our map which increases the density of mobs significantly. The following scarabs can be used to fill the other 3 slots in our map device:

  1. Rusted Abyss Scarab
  2. Rusted Breach Scarab
  3. Rusted Ambush Scarab

These scarabs should set you back 1 Orb of Chaos each and are purchasable in bulk via the Path of Exile trade website by setting minimum stack size. Be sure to check the pricing of the next tier up of scarabs, Polished Scarabs. These upgraded scarabs may be the same price as Rusted Scarabs depending on the market and provide greater benefits.


Lastly, it’s time to apply sextants to our Watchstones, if you have any equipped in the region. Each Sextant can add up extra groups of mobs that can be placed in your map. You can use the Basic Sextants as they are generally cheap and will grant four extra packs of mobs. Prime Sextants add six extra packs followed by Awakened Sextants boosting our maps by eight packs of monsters. It may take a few rolls to get a sextant modifier on our Watchstone that grants additional packs.

Master Mission and Prophecies

If you have any master missions, you can use your Zana and Alva missions to increase your corruption. Zana will provide you with a selection of maps to choose from, basically giving you a free map’s worth of corruption. Alva’s Temple incursions each give enough mobs to fill up your scourge meter and enter the nightmare 3 times a map.

Certain prophecies can also boost up monster density in our maps. Though they only have a chance to proc when we open our map.

  1. Bountiful Traps – 6 additional strongboxes
  2. Plague of Frogs – Frogs spawn
  3. Plague of Rats – Spawns a group of rats

Happy Farming!

Now your map is ready to run, enjoy the monster density allowing you to enter the scourge many times during the single map. All this corruption will feed into the maps you have incubating in your crucible. This will reduce the time spent doing non-scourge maps and allow you to enjoy making large amounts of currency more often.

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