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Currency Farming
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Complete PoE Currency Farming Guide & Tips for Scourge 3.16 and 3.17

If you’re reading this article then you are no doubt wanting to know what is the fastest way to farm currency in Path of Exile? – Well, You’re in good hands because that’s exactly what I will be teaching you in this PoE Currency Orb Farming Guide.

It is never easy to farm currency in an MMO unless you know how – farming routes, builds, and etc. The same is doubly true for Path of Exile.

That said, with this guide you will learn many important techniques, strategies, and tips and tricks so that you can make an insane amount of currency in PoE.

Starting off, one of the easiest ways to get going and earn yourself some currency in Path of Exile is to complete PoE Chaos Recipes such as Full Rare Sets.

1. Full Rare Sets

These recipes require you to vendor a full set of rare items. A full set has to be capable of filling all item equipment slots in your inventory screen. Luckily this doesn’t include flasks however. So for a full chaos recipe set you will the following items (They must all be a rarity of Rare).

  • Either of the Following;
    • – 1x Two Handed Weapon – This includes Bows. Quivers are not required
    • – 1x One Handed Weapon and 1x Shield
    • – 2x One Handed Weapons
    • – 2x Shield
  • Helmet
  • Body Armour
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Belt
  • Amulet
  • 2x Rings

If you want Chaos Orbs then the Item Level of each item must be between 60 and 74.

Here are the Chaos Orb vendor recipes:

1x Chaos Orb = Full set of Identified Rare Gear. Any quality %. iLevel 60 to 74.
2x Chaos Orb = Full set of either; (Unidentified Rare Gear) or (20% Quality Rare Gear) iLevel 60 to 74.
3x Chaos Orb = Full set of Unidentified and 20% Quality Rare Gear. Ilevel 60 to 74.

Please Note:

If a rare item below iLevel 60 is added to a chaos orb recipe then the recipe will change to an Orb of Chance Recipe.
The Prophecy; ‘A Valuable Combination’ can interfere with this recipe.

There are also a ton of other Path of Exile vendor recipes which you can find here:

My personal favorite, especially when starting out on a New League in PoE, is to vendor items with quality % to make a total of 40%. This can be done for Weapons, Armour, and Gems. Which gives you Blacksmith’s Whetstone for Weapons. Armorer’s Scrap for Armour and Gemcutters Prism for Gems. So I like to dedicate a stash tab or two for hoarding some quality items to start off. I always do the GCP (Gemcutters Prism) recipe even later in the game.

Another favorite of mine is the Chromatic Orb Vendor Recipe. You simply need to vendor any item that has at least three RGB-linked sockets. This means there must be at least One Red, One Green, and One Blue socket in the item, all linked.

If there are more sockets, even if they are linked the recipe will still work. That is of course unless there is a better recipe available such as any 6 Linked Item Vendor Recipe which when vendored gives you a Divine Orb.

2. Craft Maps Using Orb of Alchemy Orbs.

An Orb of Alchemy is an item of currency that can be used to upgrade a piece of normal gear/equipment to rare. It can also be used on Maps and Strongboxes.

When Orbs of Alchemy are used to upgrade a normal item to a rare item the resulting rare gets randomly chosen affixes (RNG). It will get a random number of affixes (stats) ranging from four to six. (three to four is used on jewels). So if you have a white map, or you have just scoured a map then you can use an Orb of Alchemy on it to make the map rare. Rare maps will, of course, give you much better loot (and currency). You can also sell them to players.

You can also make yourself some good starter gear using Orbs of Alchemy early on in the game, and even later in the game by randomly slamming them onto good white (normal) base items. It is useful to know that if you use things like Blacksmith’s Whetstone Armourer’s Scrap then you get 5% quality per if the item is common (white). If it’s Magic (blue) then you get 2% quality per and if it’s Rare or Unique you only get 1% quality per Blacksmith’s Whetstone Armourer’s Scrap.

You can also use Cartographer’s Chisel to upgrade the quality of a map before making it rare with an Orb of Alchemy.

3. Sell Your Unwanted Items for Currency Orbs.

You can buy or sell nearly an item in Path of Exile. While it is much easier to list items for sale on PoE with a premium tab from the official Path of Exile website, you can still list items for trade and sale without. If you are unsure of how trading works in Path of Exile or how to sell items to other players in PoE then you can read my other guide here.

If using a Premium Stash Tab to list your items for sale then they show up automatically in the trade section on the Path of Exile Official Website.

4. Seal and Sell Valuable Prophecies.

Prophecies which are provided by Navali can be purchased for one Silver Coin each. They are then stored in the prophecy screen. These prophecies influence the future of what happens to the player’s character and some can even change areas to generate different encounters or force various outcomes to happen. Others trigger when a condition occurs. Think of them as little mini-quests in PoE.

For an additional cost of Silver Coins (Ranging from one coin to nine coins); Navali can seal prophecies for you which turns them into items that can then be traded to other players. You can also buy prophecies from other players too.

Here are some of the best Navali Prophecies to seal and turn into Prophecy Items to trade and sell:

Trash to Treasure, The Queen’s Sacrifice, Fated Connections, A Dishonourable Death, A Master Seeks Help, Song of the Sekhema, Lost in the Pages, Darktongue’s Shriek, Last of the Wildmen, The Bowstring’s Music, Monstrous Treasure, Cleanser of Sins, A Master Seeks Help (Zana), A Master Seeks Help (Alva), The King’s Path, Blind Faith, Fire and Brimstone, The Great Leader of the North and Vaal Winds.

I have listed the value of these as values change all the time. If you are struggling to value your items then I have written another article that will teach you ways in which you can Price Check your Items in PoE. You can find the article here.

5. Flipping items in PoE.

I have made some serious currency doing this. Not only on Path of Exile, but many other games as well. One MMORPG game, in particular, I played many years ago I went from poor to rich in only a few months by buying lower and selling higher. It’s supply and demand. I was a virtual Dell Boy (You know, Only Fools and Horses?)

Flipping items in Path of Exile even worked well back in Beta when everyone used the trade chat channel more often.

To flip items in PoE you simply watch and monitor what things are being bought and sold for. You buy lower and sell higher.

6. Do Boss Runs for players on Hardcore League.

Believe it or not, if you have a half decent starter build (Marauders are great for this) then you can run more squishy players through parts of the game for currency. This can be anything from a simple boss fight / boss run to a whole act or more. You can even run the Trials of Ascendancy as well as the Labyrinth Trials. It works best on Hardcore where people are more afraid of dying, that said don’t let this put you off offering your carrying services on Standard Softcore League too as people still want to be rushed through to get themselves to end-game content.

It’s best done near the start of a league, but there are new players coming in all the time and of course players also create new characters all the time as well. I have made a lot of currency by running players through bosses, trials, labs and even full acts.

7. Run Uber Lab and Create Valuable Enchants.

The Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon which is filled with monsters, puzzles and traps. Upon completing the Labyrinth for the first time you will unlock a character’s Ascendancy class which also gives you points for the powerful Ascendancy skill tree. It also offers equipment enchantments, a bunch of unique items as well as competitive leader boards.

After defeating Izaro (The Lab Boss) you will enter the final room of the Labyrinth; The Ascendancy Chamber. This room holds the Altar of Ascendancy, a Divine Font and ten Izaro Treasure Chests. You get the keys during the Labyrinth run for the chests.

Please Note: There are a handful of stages in which you fight Izaro, each time he will run off when his health is depleted enough. Then after you defeat him in the final stage at the end of the Labyrinth you will then reach and enter The Ascendancy Chamber.

So when I said “Make Valuable Enchants” – The enchants are from the Divine Font. It allows you to imbue a piece of equipment with an enchantment. Of course, the Uber Lab has the best enchantments. Each of Izaro’s Treasure Chests is the equivalent of a random strongbox. While one may be filled with random loot, another may only contain jewellery or currency. One Treasure Key is required to open each chest. Keys are found throughout the Labyrinth and even from Izaro himself. You may want to disable Izaro’s extra buff / damage mechanics in the first two fights with him. If you don’t do this then the next phase of the fight will be more dangerous. – But, the more dangerous Izaro is (the less mechanics disabled) the more rewarding it will be. Izaro will drop an additional key for each mechanic in place at the end of the fight. Additional Treasure Keys can also be obtained by killing Argus or Opening Curious Lockboxes.

There are also daily leader boards where players can compete to solve the Labyrinth in the quickest time. Players with the best results are rewarded for each Labyrinth difficulty.

8. Delve in the Azurite Mine Dungeon.

Another profitable way to earn currency in Path of Exile is to Delve in the Azurite Mine Dungeon. The deeper you go the more rewarding it is. I wont cover this too elaborately in this guide but I do plan to write a full in depth guide on How to Delve in PoE so keep your eyes peeled!

But a basic understanding is that you delve from node to node in the mines. As you are delving I prefer not to stay on track, I will use flares to light the way and of course upgrade things like flare count, light radius, etc. As I’m going from one node to another, I will branch off to see if I can find Fractured Walls and other hidden treasures. The best way to then earn currency in PoE from Delve is to sell the Resonators and Fossils that you find to other players. I personally don’t bother to seek out the hidden paths on the map myself, as I’ve found my method of wandering off track from node to node to be much more efficient personally speaking.

9. Play More!

Very simple and the best one indeed! The more you play the game, naturally the more you are going to loot and find it’s as simple as that. Find what you enjoy doing in the game and make it profitable.

I think that has covered everything on How to Farm Currency in Path of Exile. If you have any questions or feedback then please feel free to drop a comment in the comments box below! Please keep checking back for more useful and helpful Path of Exile Guides, Tips and Tricks here on the PlayerAuctions Blog!

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