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Overcoming Hurdles with PoE 3.6 Crafting

PoE 3.6 Crafting
By | April 30th, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

PoE 3.6 Crafting is the most complex that crafting has ever been – and also the most rewarding. If you know what to look for and how to use the systems, making gear has never been as profitable, or as expensive. Synthesis added an entire additional tier of crafting far above anything we had experienced before, and the resulting items can cost in the realm of mirrors, for just the base white items! We’re going to look at a few of the best crafts, and how you can accomplish them yourself. Note that there is still a ton to be discovered with these systems, and we’re only going to cover some of the crafts, so make sure to do your own research if you want to fully uncover all potential crafting opportunities.

What is Synthesis Crafting?

Synthesis crafting is the newest league content for 3.6 Synthesis league. In order to craft, you need to have three fractured items of the same type. This means they have to have the same base type (boots, axe, etc.) as well as the correct size (a shield that takes up four slots cannot be combined with one that takes up six). There are also a few other restrictions between weapon types, but I’m not entirely familiar with them. You won’t run into them too often. All three of these items must be fractured, meaning that they dropped from one of the memories found in maps, or from the memory nexus itself. A fractured item will have at least one stat that is locked onto the item and cannot be changed.

Once you have three fractured items with the same base type, you can put them into the synthesizer. This will combine them into one item. The resulting item will have new implicit stats that relate to the stats on the combined items. The number of implicits that it has is also a direct response to how many implicits the combined items had – if you use three items with three implicits, the resulting item will have three. If you use two items with three implicits and one item with one, it can have anywhere from one to three. Luckily the item level is very forgiving, the resulting item simply being the same level as the highest of the combined items.

The implicit stats that are created on the resulting item are also chosen from the stats on the combined items. It will choose any stat at random and create a corresponding implicit. If multiple items have the same stat, it will push the implicit up to the next tier. For example, if you have combined 71-95% movement speed that is chosen, the implicit will give a bonus 7-8% movement speed. But if you have 51-70%, the resulting item will only have 5-6% increased movement speed. Each stat on the items is weighted equally in order to decide whether they are chosen or not.

How can I guarantee an outcome?

Guaranteeing a specific outcome can be very difficult when it comes to the highest tier, because even if the stat you want is chosen, quite a few of them have multiple results. For example, if you have enough movement speed for onslaught, and movement speed is the chosen stat, there’s still a chance that you get 7-8% movement speed instead. So even if the correct stat is targeted with the correct numbers, there’s still often only a 50% chance of success, which you cannot increase. That said, you can still increase your chance of getting to that point.

Isolating a single stat on your item is the best way to ensure it is chosen. The best way to do this is to use fractured items on which the locked in stat is the one you want. Since an item has to be rare to synthesize it, if you have a locked in stat you want to isolate then you Scour the item, then Regal it, then Annul it. This will leave you with a rare item with just the fractured stat. It is, however, quite expensive, so don’t be going at it without thinking.

There is another method that can be very effective as well, particularly for items where the required stat isn’t very high item level. Buy three of the base you want that all have the same stat, so there are fewer in the resulting pool to choose from. Use alterations and augments until you hit the stat that you want. Then regal them and throw them in the synthesizer. You’ll have approximately a one in five chance of success using this method. This may sound low, but it’s a great way to get a +1 to level of socketed gems bow, and those cost in the realm of 10 exalts, so it’s very easy to make your money back with a bit of luck.

How do I make Onslaught Boots?

We’ve talked about them enough, now time to figure out how to make them! Onslaught boots are one of the most sought after items introduced with synthesis. We know that you need a minimum of 71% movement speed between the three boots, but that doesn’t get you access to Onslaught. In order to have Onslaught on boots, the boots must have a combined total of 96% movement speed across the three boots. This is quite high, and can be a pain to acquire. There are two methods of going about it.

First, get two fractured boots of item level 86 or higher. This is what allows the rolling of 35% movement speed. Either get the 35% as the fractured stat (which is very expensive), or roll it yourself (which will have a much lower chance of success, as we discussed). Once you’ve done this on two of your boots, find a third with 30% movement speed on it. If you want to roll it, then all you need is a boot with a base item level of 55 or higher.

The other method involves using Deafening Essence of Zeal. These grant 32% movement speed, so three of them will allow access to Onslaught if chosen. However, using Essences will roll an item normally, so the chance of choosing movement speed as the resulting implicit will be much lower.

Once you have three boots that combine to a total of 96% movement speed or more, toss them in the synthesizer. Whether movement speed is chosen as the resulting stat or not will entirely depend on luck and how much you isolated them. If you’re lucky enough to have the movement speed targeted, then you have to win the 50/50 roll on getting Onslaught or 7-8% movement speed as an implicit.

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What else can I make?

Honestly, what can’t you make! There are a crazy number of implicits, with the better ones being things like “+2 to minimum charges,” of all three types of charges, on shields. Or “+1 to socketed gems” on bows. Or my personal favourite, “Enemies explode for 5% of their life” on one-handed weapons. There are a crazy number of incredibly strong implicits to discover, they are just very difficult to access.

Unfortunately, there are no good ways to see these outcomes, or what you need for them in game. The 3 sites that I use in order to figure out potential results are theses:

  1. PoE Craft
  2. PoE Synthesis Mods
  3. PoE Affix (stat rolls for levels)

he first two sites can be tough to read. The required stats shown are actually the maximum roll, not the minimum. Using Onslaught as an example, the site says that you need 120 movement speed to access it. This is impossible. What it really means is that 120 is the maximum that can still roll Onslaught. You actually have to look at the tier before it (in this case just 7-8% movement speed) and look at the stat there. In this case it shows 95, so we know that in order to access Onslaught, we need at least 96% movement speed. Yes, it is quite confusing. There are many guides out there that can help for specific rolls, do lots of research before investing heavily!


PoE 3.6 Crafting is the craziest crafting that Path of Exile has ever seen. It costs an absolute fortune to break into it, but the resulting items are stronger than anything we’ve ever seen before. +1 gems bows, Onslaught boots, and weapons that make enemies explode are just the tip of the iceberg. So, if you have a few dozen exalts to throw around, check it out and see what you can make!

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