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PoE 3.7 Melee Classes Revamp

By | June 11th, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, classes rise and fall depending on the changes made in a particular update. Unfortunately, a lot of melee classes couldn’t seem to get a bit of an upgrade for quite some time now. But those days are over with Legion, as Grinding Gear Games plans to make being on the frontlines viable and great again–a much-deserved, long-overdue change that is finally here for PoE 3.7 Melee Classes.

What are the general changes to Melee Classes?

Melee classes will specifically be getting a buff and some nifty new tricks, as they have been overshadowed by spellcasting nukers. It was more likely the unintended result of an unforeseen discrepancy between paper and actual gameplay. Now, GGG is going to make amends by implementing the following:

  • Attack animation canceling after dealing damage
  • Melee attacks hitting multiple nearby enemies

These small changes will help melee classes perform better in general.

What new Builds are in store for Exiles?

Legion will also include new build archetypes. With the focus on melee classes for this league, the first two are the Blood and Sand Gladiator and Rage Berserker.

Blood and Sand Gladiator

For the Blood and Sand Gladiator, its main bread and butter are a set of skills known as Blood and Sand. These skills are affected by the two stances you have: Blood Stance and Sand Stance.

Blood and Sand is a low-level skill that only requires 10% of mana reserved to work. By default, gladiators are in Blood Stance but can switch to Sand Stance through certain reservation skills. In general, Blood Stance gives you more damage when you use melee skills at the cost of smaller AOE, while Sand Stance does exactly the opposite.

Other than the general effect, Blood and Sand Stance also affect specific skills. To illustrate how this works, let’s look at the new skill Bladestorm. In Blood Stance, the skill has a much higher attack speed. In Sand Stance, the skill blinds enemies it hits, and it moves forward, dealing damage to those in its trajectory.

The Blood and Sand set also has a second skill, Flesh and Stone, which reserves 25% of your mana. This affects the area surrounding the Gladiator. In Blood Stance, enemies within the area are maimed, allowing you to deal more damage to it. In Sand Stance, you take less damage from affected enemies, and that they are also blinded.

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Rage Berserker

The second melee class that got a new lease on life is the Rage Berserker. Already quite the powerhouse, Legion seeks to buff the mighty class even further. Here are some updates on his nodes and skills:

  • Node 1 – 15% increased critical strike chance
  • Node 3 – 15% increased critical strike chance
  • Pain Reaver – now includes 25% increased attack speed after being hit, and 50% increased maximum total recovery per second from Life Leech after being receiving a Savage Hit
  • Crave the Slaughter – Gain 1 rage every 0.3 seconds with attacks; 1% chance to deal double damage for every 4 Rage counters
  • Rite of Ruin – lose 0.1% of maximum life/second per Rage when you’re not consuming but triples the effect of Rage
  • Flawless Savagery:
    • 80% Critical Strike Chance boost for attacks
    • +20-30 Physical Damage after dealing a Critical Strike
    • +30% to Critical Strike Chance Multiplies
  • Blitz – 2% increased Attack Speed but 10% less Critical Strike Chance per Blitz charge; Gain a Blitz charge on Critical Strike; +20 Max Blitz Charges
  • War Bringer – Recent Warcry grants you and allies 10% increased attack speed and 30% increased damage

As you can see, these changes have made the already formidable Berserker even more powerful. Hopefully, this would encourage more players to take up melee classes.


There will be more updates to PoE 3.7 Melee Classes for Legion, so stay tuned. And most importantly, stay hyped!

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