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Consuming Those PoE Map Mods for Rewards

PoE Map Mods
By | May 29th, 2018 | Categories: Path of Exile

If you’ve played Path of Exile and beaten the story, you’ve likely run into PoE Map Mods. If you haven’t, they are fairly self-explanatory. You consume maps in order to run them. Before you consume them, you can change the modifiers in a variety of ways. The more mods a map has, typically the harder it will be. A map can have up to eight mods just on the map item itself so you can get some pretty hard maps! The key to being able to run them is knowing the mods that your build can do.

The Reward

As with any risk, the more and harder map mods you do the more rewards you can get. Every modifier adds quantity and rarity to the map, meaning every monster within it will drop better rewards more frequently. The mods that are considered harder will give more quantity and rarity than the easier mods. Every single mod gives a bonus, so the more you get, the higher the potential reward!

The highest quantity that a single modifier can give is 19%, which comes from the Twinned, Splitting, Savage, Exposure, and Fleet modifiers. The lowest that any modifier can give is 10%, from a handful of modifiers. The biggest thing to note here is to not push yourself too hard. Obviously, 19% is more than 10%, but even the easiest mods will give you 10% bonus quantity, you don’t need to do the hardest content to get rewarded. But if you can hack the hardest content, it will be where you’ll get the best rewards.

Easiest Mods

First off, let’s go through the map mods you want to be looking for if you just want easier maps to run. As we discussed, for the most part, these will be the mods with lower quantity associated with them, but any modifier is a good modifier!

First off, the best mods to run are the ones that change monsters in the area. They don’t add any real difficulty but give a nice 13% quantity per roll. These are the mods that say “Area is inhabited by X”, X being Undead, Skeletons, Goatmen, etcetera. There aren’t too many builds that will have real trouble with any of these modifiers. The only one to watch out for is “Area is inhabited by Cultists of Kitava.” These boys can hit like a truck, and you should definitely be more careful on those maps. Fittingly, rather than 13%, the Cultists of Kitava give 16% bonus quantity instead.

The other mods that are by far my favorite are the curses. These modifiers will read “Players are Cursed with X”, X being Elemental Weakness, Vulnerability, Enefeble, or Temporal Chains. You may be wondering why I love these ones so much since they can definitely be a pain. Well, as of a few patches ago, curse immune flasks also block the map modifier curses. This means that if you have a flask that says “Immune to Curses during Flask effect”, and you are able to keep it up for the entire map, then you negate the modifier entirely. Free 13% quantity for no difficulty!

Many of the other modifiers are niche, but in general getting “Area has patches of X ground” tend to be quite easy. Same with having lowered Block or Dodge chance, as long as your build doesn’t revolve around them. On the same note, “Players have 25% less Area of Effect” and “Monsters have 100% increased Area of Effect” are very easy mods under most situations.

Hard Mods

We’ve covered many of the mods you want for easier clears, what about the mods you want for harder maps? Or, more likely, to avoid entirely! There are a few mods that many builds simply cannot do. There are others that are possible, but extremely difficult. And lastly, there are combinations that can be deadly. Let’s dive in.

The deadliest modifiers are the ones that directly counter your build. That may seem obvious, but there are a few, in particular, you need to watch out for, that counter many builds. Reflect. Reflect will kill you if you do almost any damage of that type (and don’t have reflect immunity). For example, the last league I was playing a Tornado Shot build where 99% of my damage was elemental. I ran a physical reflect map, and when the mobs clumped up I was just doing so much damage to them that I couldn’t leach through it, even though I only had 1% of my damage as physical. Unless you’re fully converted into one type of damage, I strongly suggest you avoid elemental and physical reflection modifiers. Note that Chaos damage does not get reflected by either.

The other ones to watch for are “Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana, or Energy Shield” and “Cannot Leach Life or Mana from Monsters”. These two modifiers are incredibly deadly if they target the type of survivability that your build uses. The lesser forms of them (“Players have 20-60% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield”) can be very deadly as well, but manageable depending on your build.

The most universally deadly mods are Exposure and Deadliness. Exposure reduces a player’s maximum resistances by 9-12%. Since you’re typically capped at 75% resists, having them reduced by 12% effectively means you’ll be taking nearly 150% elemental damage. Incredibly deadly. Deadliness gives monsters increased Critical Strike Chance and increased Critical Strike Modifier. Being crit by a boss normally is bad enough, being crit when it’s extremely likely and does quite a bit more damage kills you real fast.

Combinations of Modifiers

Even if you can do modifiers on their own, you should always be very aware of the mods together. Sure, I can do “Monsters deal X extra Damage as Fire” without too much trouble, but pair it with “Monsters deal X extra Damage as Cold” and suddenly we have a problem. I typically avoid any combination of maps that has three modifiers that make me feel unsafe. Extra damage as an element AND reduced maximum resistances? Rerolling it. Monsters fire extra projectiles and monster attack and cast speed? Typically a reroll!

You also have to take into account that some groups of modifiers can just be plain annoying – which also sometimes leads to a death. For example, if the map rolls “30% more Monster Life” and “Unique boss has 35% increased Life,” you’re going to have a bad time. For some builds, this increased life will mean running out of flask charges, and potentially dying. Same goes for any modifiers that make the mobs harder to kill, particularly reduced damage from Critical Strikes for some builds. If I get two modifiers that make the monsters a lot tankier, I reroll that map too. It’s not worth my time or frustration.

At the end of the day, just keep running maps. Alch them often, and see which PoE Map Mods your build can and can’t do. I still kill myself to certain modifiers all the time, after over 3000 hours in the game. Pushing builds to the limit is part of the fun of Path of Exile!

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