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Your handy POE Syndicate Cheat Sheet

PoE Syndicate Cheat Sheet
By | December 1st, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

The Syndicate has been in Path of Exile since its launch back in Betrayal League. It was quickly established that if you could farm Syndicate, you could make lots of money. This mostly went away after Betrayal’s conclusion, as the Syndicate became far harder to target. However, with the introduction of 3.8, several things have changed. Syndicate is easier to target farm, and Grinding Gear Games changed a few of the rewards to make it potentially far more lucrative. This guide is going to go over target farming, the most lucrative masters, and optimizing rewards. This PoE Syndicate Cheat Sheet will be relevant moving forward, but it is aimed at 3.8, so do keep that in mind as we discuss the value of rewards!

Why is target Farming Syndicate easier in 3.8?

The reason that Syndicate became easier to target farm is because of the master rework. Now, instead of randomly finding masters in maps and occasionally having them spawn on specific maps, you simply get a counter towards a master when you finish any map. To put it in different terms, any time you finish any map, there is a chance that you will get a token for a master. You can then redeem these tokens at that master, alongside a map, to force that master onto that map. This means that if you simply run a ton of maps indiscriminately, you will have a lot of master tokens to use.

The big downside to this is that the tokens that you get are the same set of tiers of the map that you were running. I.E. if you ran a tier 1-5 map, you can only redeem that token for a tier 1-5 map. Normally this is a big issue, for several of the other masters. However, Syndicate is static and does not care what tier the map you’re running is in, making it uniquely powerful without requiring red tokens. So, if you manage to get your hands on a ton of low tier maps, running to the end and killing the boss as fast as possible will reward you with tons of master missions. This theory works with any tier of map, it’s just far less expensive to throw away low tier maps. Once you’ve obtained all the missions, simply run them efficiently by reading the rest of the guide.

Which ones are the most lucrative Masters?

3.8 also saw some changes to the rewards that the masters give. One change in particular will be talked about, as it directly affects our farming strategy. That is the addition of Legion Scarabs to Vagan. Vagan was changed from being a terrible master to being the Legion master, giving various Legion rewards for each house he’s in. However, the most relevant one is the scarabs, which come from Research. You heard me right, these are the only scarabs that come from Research instead of Intervention, which allows us to farm three different Scarabs with our strategy which will be further explained below.

So, which of the masters are most lucrative? There are six masters in particular that we will be talking about here. All of them will be in regards to their position in either Intervention or Research, as these are the most lucrative houses by far. For Intervention, the three masters you should be aware of are Cameria, Rin, and Gravicious. These three all give scarabs when in Intervention, and the scarabs that they drop are Sulphite, Cartography, and Divination, respectively. If you manage to get one of these masters to three stars, they will drop a Gilded Scarab, which is extremely expensive for all of these particular scarabs – Sulphite in particular.

Research is a bit more interesting, but there are three masters to focus here as well. As we mentioned, now that Vagan gives Legion scarabs in Research, he’s very lucrative. Vorici can also be useful or lucrative by putting white sockets onto gear – although the market for these has saturated fairly quickly in previous leagues. However, It That Fled tier three in Research is the most lucrative master you can possibly get. His deal is that while in Research he upgrades a Breachstone to be a higher tier. If you get him to tier three, he turns that Breachstone into a Pure Breachstone, which is extremely expensive. Every time you get him to tier three in Research, simply buy an Uul-Netol Breachstone, upgrade it to Pure, and sell it again. This will consistently yield at least 100 Chaos Orb profit, no matter the league.

How do I optimize Safehouses?

So, now that you know which masters we will be focusing, now is when the true PoE Syndicate Cheat Sheet comes into play. Making sure we get these expensive masters in the right safehouses consistently is an art form. It’s one that will take practice but will ultimately give incredible rewards upon mastery. A general tip before starting: Any time you are farming Syndicate, you should try and make as many red lines between masters as that will give you the most opportunities to level them up. Never remove all rivalries!

The key to optimizing rewards is to only focus on two safehouses. In this case, and practically all cases, we will be focusing on Research and Intervention. You will never be running the other two Safehouses, even if they get to 100% (which we would prefer to avoid, since that will make them not appear for two maps, limiting the number of times we can level up the masters we care about). You will only be running Research and Intervention, and you will also only have two members in each. Your setup will involve getting the four masters that you want (two for each of Research and Intervention) into the correct places, and then make sure that everyone else is always in a house. Make sure to never have anyone leave their houses!

What this does is that when you run a safehouse, it removes all the members from the safehouse and then replaces them with other people who are currently house-less. Because you don’t have anyone who doesn’t have a house, the two who were just removed from the safehouse you just ran, are simply placed right back into it. In this way, you can infinitely chain the same two people in two different houses. The only thing that changes from run to run is that the leader of each house will swap every time you run the house, so if you’re targeting one specifically you’ll have to manipulate them a bit more.

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